The 5 TWICE songs that are perfect to dedicate to your crush


Among the 5 TWICE songs that are perfect to dedicate to your crush, there are hits with which the K-Pop group has become one of the most popular

If you’re a fan of TWICE and you’re in love with someone, we have the solution for you: five songs that you can dedicate to your crush and that will surely leave him/her enchanted. Here are our recommendations:


Every TWICE song ranked in order of greatness


1. ” Cheer Up “: This song is perfect for cheering your crush up on a rough day. With its catchy lyrics and upbeat rhythm, “Cheer Up” will instantly make you feel better.

3. ” Knock Knock “: If you want to ask your crush out, this song is the perfect way to do it. With its fun lyrics and catchy beat, “Knock Knock” will let him know you want to spend time together.


5. ” Dance The Night Away “: If you want to party with your crush and have a good time together, “Dance The Night Away” is the perfect song. With its energetic rhythm and lyrics about enjoying life to the fullest, this song will encourage you to dance and spend an unforgettable night together.

With their emotional lyrics, catchy beats, and positive messages, these songs might just make your crush feel special, and who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love in the process, too. Do not hesitate to dedicate any of these songs and you will see the results!


Top 5 Twice Songs — The Boba Culture


TWICE is a K-Pop band    that has won the hearts of their fans thanks to their emotional lyrics and positive messages. In many of their songs, love is a recurring theme that they address in a deep and meaningful way.

The song’s lyrics talk about how love can be hard to understand and how it can transform our lives. Furthermore, the song highlights the importance of finding true love and how it can make us feel happy and complete.


Best TWICE Songs: 12 K-Pop Essentials | uDiscover


Another TWICE song that stands out for its love theme is “Heart Shaker”. In this song, the band sings about how love can make us feel nervous and excited at the same time.

Also, in the song “Signal”, TWICE sings about the feeling of being in love and how this can make us feel connected to the person we love.

The song’s lyrics talk about how love can be hard to express, but through little signs and gestures we can make ourselves understood.


Twice perform Knock knock and Heart Shaker at Gayo Chart Music Award 2018  (februari)


In conclusion, TWICE is a band that addresses love deeply and meaningfully in their lyrics.

Their songs talk about the search for true love, the emotions we feel when we are in love, and the importance of expressing our feelings.

If you are a lover of K-Pop and love, you cannot stop listening to TWICE’s songs.

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