Ninel Conde raises the temperature and boasts a perfect silhouette in the best beach look

ninelconde 2 1
ninelconde 2 1

From the beach, “El Bombón Asesino” stole thousands of looks and was confirmed with the best silhouette with a flirtatious look

 caused a furor on her social networks, this after sharing a photo on Instagram and in which she showed off her perfect silhouette in a daring bikini and the best beach look , an outfit with which the temperature rose and her millions of fans fell in love. fans. 

At 45 years old, the native of the State of Mexico, has become a benchmark when it comes to sensual outfits , such as the modern bikinis with which she is seen in her official accounts, or the tight dresses with which her curvaceous looks. and voluptuous figure. 

Ninel Conde shines in the best beach look

It was this Monday when the actress and singer, known as “El Bombón Asesino” , shared with her millions of followers a photo and a video in which she could be seen posing with a perfect look for the beach, as she combined her flirtatious bikini with a mini white shorts and a pareo-style dress in yellow. 

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El Bombón Asesino” stole looks with his look. Photo: FB @NinelConde

“This is how I wake up today! In this paradise. Thanks to my beautiful people who yesterday gave me their best energy in the show. Today a well-deserved rest in my beautiful Acapulco. Remember, what you decree comes!” Conde wrote to accompany the photo in which she wore her modern outfit.

Ninel also posted on her official Instagram account, where she is followed by 5.2 million fans, a video in which she showed her outfit, making the perfect match between her two-piece swimsuit and the seasonal colors, as she combined her look yellow with sandals, shorts and white hat. 

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Ninel Conde raises the temperature and boasts a perfect silhouette in the best beach look

The native of the States of Mexico a few months ago opened her OnlyFans account, something that her millions of followers have been waiting for a long time, since the actress and singer has been characterized by wearing a slender and curvaceous figure with outfits that leave little to the imagination .  

Although on several occasions she has been seen in the midst of controversy due to her physical changes, because although she has not confirmed it, it is known that she has undergone various aesthetic treatments and surgeries, the reality is that every day she surprises with the great body she presumes. 


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