Miss Universe 2022: Who is Irma Miranda, the next representative of Mexico?

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Irma Miranda will try to emulate what 3 Mexicans who can boast of having been Miss Universe have already done

Although many are still opposed to these contests that only reward one type of beauty, the truth is that it continues to cause a lot of curiosity among people . This time it is Miss Universe, a competition that will take place in December of this year and in which Mexico will be represented by Irma Miranda. If you don’t know who she is, here we tell you everything. 

An event with historical overtones was held on Saturday night. At the Convicted Center of San Luis Potosí, the stage was able to witness how Lupita Jones, Ximena Navarrete and Andrea Meza, the three women who have held the title of Miss Universe, went up at the same time.

The most famous trio of beauty pageants were able to see firsthand how Irma, the new queen of the country, was crowned. She now holds the title of Universal Mexican and at 24 years of age she will try to emulate the women she witnessed as she proclaims herself the winner in her own country. 

Who is Irma Miranda, the next representative of Mexico in Miss Universe?

Irma Cristina Miranda Valenzuela is the name of the winner born in Sonora . Before being crowned, she also decided to focus on school and studied for a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. In the same way, she also learned folk ballet. 

In January 2016, and as a representative of Nuestra Belleza Sonora, she became the finalist in the last stage of the Nuestra Belleza México contest, an edition that Kristal Silva won at that time.

After all this, she also became a sports presenter on Televisa and although the beauty of her face could make her a winner and win the contest for Mexico for the fourth time, she also has great charisma and preparation that will also make her stand out for her intelligence.

This is how Irma Miranda, representative of Mexico in Miss Universe 2022, will try to win the contest in the same way that 3 other compatriots did.

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