Ninel Conde: Angry for being the loser of Tu Cara Me Suena 2?

It is rumored that Ninel Conde would have stopped the production of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’ and left the studio a few minutes after receiving the lowest score

Ninel Conde Angry for being the loser of Tu Cara Me Suena 2

Bad night for Ninel Conde at the third gala of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena 2 She had to get into the skin of her idol, Selena Quintanilla, but when it came time to qualify the judges, Charytín Goyco, Angélica Vale, Eden Muñoz and Víctor Manuelle, unanimously gave the lowest number: 3, and the ‘Bombón Asesino’ could not hide his surprise.

Angry at being the loser of the night? Yes, this was confirmed to us by several of the people who were in the study when Ninel received the lowest score, and she was at the bottom of the table.

Although a few weeks ago in an interview she assured us that this was not going to influence her mood, because she had been in the judge’s place and knew what it was about, she would not have seen it reflected on the day she had to be a loser.

According to what they told us, Ninel’s frustration was such that she would have stopped the recording of the show because she would have left the forum to complain to the production, and then she was on her cell phone all the time, she would even have broken the rule of being with her phone during qualifications.

He would have returned, with the same expression of anger, for the draw for his character for the fourth gala, which was Ana Bárbara’s turn, and then he would have left without speaking to anyone.

What was missing to do your Selena well? Several people from the production, whom we will keep anonymous, assured us that, perhaps because she trusted that she knew the Queen of Tex Mex too well, she did not rehearse enough and that was seen when she appeared on the stage of ‘Tu Cara Sounds like 2’ to me.

We are almost halfway through the season, and Ninel is in last place on the table, so although anything can still happen, he will have to try harder to have a chance of winning.

Look here how was the presentation of Ninel as Selena Quintanilla:

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