The psychological horror film The Skeleton Key on Netflix is appropriate for daring adults and will make you quiver with its scenes

the skeleton key
the skeleton key

This is the film “The Skeleton Key”, which was created by director Iain Softley, in production and distribution by Universal Pictures. Also known by its title in English as “The Skeleton Key”, this voodoo horror title is considered one of the most atrocious on the platform since it uses psychological terror as a resource to cause an impact on those who see it.

Within Netflix, there are movies assigned for all types of audiences: there is children’s content, educational content for teenagers, and exclusive content only for people of legal age. This is the case of the following film, and it is a suspenseful horror production that has become a film classic in this genre due to its intense plot.

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This film stars Kate Hudson, who was nominated for an Oscar in 2001 in the category of Best Supporting Actress. In addition to the famous American actress, this film also stars Gena Rowlands, winner of two Golden Globes and two Emmy Awards, and to complete the stellar cast is John Hurt, recognized for the TV series “Yo Claudio” and for appearing in the saga of “Harry Potter” .

This film follows the story of a skeptical young nurse who gets a job where her only duty is to take full-time care of Ben, an elderly man who suffered a stroke while in the attic of a large house.

The premise behind this movie

Due to a bad move of fate, the nurse must go up to the attic to understand Ben’s behavior more, however, from that raw moment and what the woman sees up there, the health worker will begin to rethink her skepticism because now his perception of the world has changed since his life is at risk after terrible and unbearable supernatural events begin to happen to him. This tape has a duration of 104 minutes and you can currently see it within the catalog of the red logo streaming platform.

You can watch the trailer of The Skeleton Key

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Written by Rachita Salian


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