Netflix has cancelled one of the year’s most watched series, and there will be no second season.


Netflix usually surprises every month with the premieres it launches, such as those it has prepared for May 2022. However, this time it was news of canceling File 81, one of the most watched series of the year that will not have a second season.

File 81 since it premiered earlier this year was one of the series most acclaimed by fans, but finally, it will not have a second part. Netflix decided to cancel the American horror and suspense series that came to light on January 14 because, although it broke it, the company expected a much more marked result and they did not achieve it.

Although the streaming platform usually cancels several series each year, many of these decisions have to do with the fact that the productions do not achieve the expected success and the company’s investment does not bear fruit.

What is File 81 about, the series that broke it on Netflix and will not have a second season

Archive 81 tells the story of Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athie), an archivist who accepts the task of restoring a collection of videotapes from 1994. While reconstructing the work of documentarian Melody Pendras (Dina Shihabi), Dan becomes immersed in the investigation that she carried out on a dangerous sect in the Visser block of flats. As the season progresses through those two timelines, Dan’s obsession with finding out what happened to Melody slowly grows. Until a mysterious connection between the two characters occurs and Dan believes that he can save Melody from the terrifying end she suffered 25 years ago.

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