The best series of 2023

We choose our favorite fictions from a year that, as usual, has inundated us with news, returns and goodbyes.


The strikes of scriptwriters and actors have put in check the constant flow of content to which we are already accustomed . However, the situation has been far from that experienced in 2007, when Hollywood was the largest (and for many the only) serial beacon and its system was still limited to traditional television. On this occasion, the platforms have had to delay several projects and freeze filming, but they have not stopped bombarding us with new series and many others that returned or even said goodbye. Therefore, we have not had any problem preparing our traditional list of the best of the year , which is once again populated by national and international titles and of all types of background and form.

As we did last year, we will reveal the series one by one in ascending order throughout December, so we will complete the list on Monday the 25th, coinciding with Christmas. So, you can stop by here every day to discover the different titles that have conquered us since January .

25. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ lowers the curtain and makes it true to its essence . After five successful seasons that have been loaded with awards, with 20 Emmys behind her, Midge Maisel has said goodbye forever to her audience as she knows best : making us laugh, moving us and making us feel like participants in the fight to succeed as a comedian. The series, created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, says goodbye with a final batch of episodes that is faithful to its essence, but with renewed energy, as it shows the incredible evolution of the characters through different timelines. Rachel Brosnahan and Alex Borstein are brilliant again as Midge and Susie , that strange couple that has exuded so much chemistry throughout 43 episodes.

24. One Piece

Netflix has imposed many challenges on itself over the years, but few as ambitious as bringing one of the most cathedral-like works in the world of manganime to real action . With more than a thousand episodes behind them, the pirates created by Eiichiro Oda have left their mark on popular culture and, despite the skepticism initially aroused, they have also managed to come to fruition with their flesh and blood version . The overflowing charisma of Iñaki Godoy as Luffy, the deep understanding of the spirit of the original series and the chemistry between all the nakamas have lifted the anchor of a project that is difficult to carry out , but that has managed to cross the screens with a genuine heart.

23. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

Exploring Queen Charlotte’s youth in this prequel to ‘The Bridgertons’ was a success for fans of period fiction. The series, starring India Amarteifio and Corey Mylchreest, is an oasis in the desert as the next season arrives, created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes . The connection between the protagonists, the ostentatious and bombastic costumes, the historical setting and the social tone, a priori less frivolous than in the original story, make ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ one of the most highlights of the year for all those who enjoy a period romance.

22. The other side

Finding the ideal balance between comedy, drama and horror is not an easy task, but Berto Romero achieves it with astonishing naturalness in ‘The Other Side’ . Without making fun of a world as particular as that of paranormal journalism, the person responsible for ‘Look What You’ve Done’ goes one step further in his second series, which embraces the tension of horror without complexes and, what has more merit , without giving up the organic sense of humor that has characterized and distinguished him so much throughout his career.

21. Extraordinary

Not all superheroes wear capes, nor does the entire population of ‘Extraordinary’ have powers. Well, the majority do enjoy some gift that manifests itself in their youth, but there are exceptions like Jen, a twenty-something who wakes up every day with the hope of discovering the ability that will make her special . However, that moment does not seem to be coming, giving rise to a very bold comedy that turns the superheroic subgenre into a prosaic context, stripped of the typical Marvel or DC epic to stand up to the biggest villain of today’s youth: the existential anguish .

20. Nolly

Russell T. Davies has earned his presence on our best of the year lists with two true gems like ‘It’s a Sin’ and ‘Years & Years’ , which left us with two trips to remember. In his new series, ‘Nolly’, he does not reach those unusual levels of brilliance, but once again he hits the nail on the head by constructing a tremendously exciting and effective story , since his three episodes advance at an unbeatable pace. In its favor plays above all a Helena Bonham Carter in a state of grace, who is in charge of giving life to Noele Gordon, one of the biggest stars in the history of British television, who, despite that influence, was defenestrated at night in the morning .

19. Abbott College

Among the sea of ​​shadows that usually drowns television protagonists, ‘Colegio Abbott’ is a shining lighthouse to which we never stop going . The ABC sitcom combines the best of traditional television, the one that was capable of sustaining brilliance for 22 episodes per season, with the concerns of today’s audience, and the result, once again, is outstanding . The second season of the fiction created and starring Quinta Brunson refines its style, expands its universe with rivalries and alliances, plays with Janine and Gregory and, above all, maintains the optimistic spirit that is contagious from the first frame to the last .

18. This is not Sweden

Perfection is an impossible goal in any area, but especially when raising a child. Even so, the protagonists of ‘This is not Sweden’, played by Aina Clotet and Marcel Borràs, try to approach it with a radical change , as they go from living in the bustle of Barcelona to experiencing the apparent peace of a neighborhood in the mountain. However, this search for a calmer environment triggers when a tragic incident occurs , which will raise even more questions in an already uncertain (and often absurd and guilt-laden) process such as motherhood.

17. Murder at the end of the world

Netflix left Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij halfway, who saw the intrigue of ‘The OA’ settled before its time, but now they have been able to make up for it to a certain extent on FX with a phenomenal whodunnit. After a slow start, the young hacker and amateur detective from ‘Murder at the End of the World’, played by Emma Corrin, puts together the pieces of a mystery that unfolds in two timelines : the present, where several crimes take place. in an exclusive and secluded retreat for brilliant minds in Iceland; and that of the past, which delves into the psyche and emotional framework of the protagonist along with an also inspired Harris Dickinson. Both plots feed off each other and contribute to shaping a thriller full of twists and suspects .

16. Rapa

The first season of ‘Rapa’ was another example of the talent of Pepe Coira and Fran Araújo after ‘Hierro’, but the second has been an even more portentous and commendable exhibition . Maintaining the organic tone, which avoids much of the artifice of thriller, Movistar Plus+’s fiction has grown in the complexity of its protagonists , Tomás and Maite, and its universe, now set in Ferrol. The jump to the city suits the plot very well, which fits and carefully balances the doses of suspense and drama and, in addition, invites us to look forward to the third installment, which will be the last.

15. Loki

Marvel Studios’ television journey on Disney+ is characterized by its constant ups and downs and its limited contribution to the cinematographic universe. But there are always exceptions. ‘Loki’ closes its second (and last?) season as the jewel in the crown and becoming the best serial fiction of the UCM . Maintaining the adventurous time travel spirit of “Back to the Future”, this batch of episodes get closer and closer to the craziness of ‘Rick and Morty’ . Something logical, since they share the same screenwriter: Michael Waldron. Marvel’s Doctor Who, played by Tom Hiddleston, travels through the multiverse to save the AVT (Authority of Temporal Variation) and prevent the annihilation of the countless temporal branches.

14. Barry

‘Barry’ has been one of the best executed television experiences in recent years . Season after season, Bill Hader has grown both in front of and behind the cameras to constantly raise the bar of his consecration as an author, which in this final installment has been consistent with his counter-current approach . Instead of worrying about justifying or transforming his protagonist to fit the Hollywood molds, he has preferred to stay true to his essence and break those archetypes, even mocking the usual trends with a parodic alternative ending. In this way, Hader has successfully completed an extraordinary exercise in the fusion of drama, action and comedy.

13. Platonic

No series is guaranteed success, but when you have proven chemistry, everything is much easier. That is the case of ‘Platónico’, one of the most luminous and entertaining comedies of recent months, which precisely bases its proposal on the existing understanding between Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne . After playing a married couple in “Damn Neighbors”, now the tandem gets into the shoes of two friends who, some time after having distanced themselves to live their lives separately, meet again and recover a unique connection. Between knocked down scooters and vital changes, a series unfolds with a lot of heart and a charm that makes it stand out noticeably in the Apple TV+ catalog.

12. Poker Face

Rian Johnson’s life has changed completely between his last two television jobs. A decade ago, he signed one of the best episodes in the history of the medium with “Ozymandias” , the high point of ‘Breaking Bad’, and then he dared to revolutionize (as far as possible) the ‘Star Wars’ universe with ” The Last Jedi” and started a successful franchise with “Daggers in the Back.” After these cinematographic forays, the filmmaker has remained in the realm of mystery with ‘Poker Face’ , an exciting revision of the ‘Colombo’ formula in which Natasha Lyonne gives life to a human polygraph capable of detecting all lies. Thanks to this skill, the resolution of the cases is resolved in each episode , but that does not make it any less stimulating, since the road trip to escape from him is a journey that no one should miss.

11. Silo

Based on the novels “Chronicles of Shiloh” by Hugh Howey, the North American series began timidly, but became a phenomenon thanks to word of mouth. The first season of ‘Silo’, created by Graham Yost, is full of mysteries that bring together the best of the golden age of series like ‘Prison Break’ or the eternal ‘Lost’ , recovering the heart-stopping cliffhangers as a hallmark, which They forced you to watch the next episode. A splendid Rebeca Ferguson stars in this dystopian series alongside a solvent Tim Robbins. After its ten episodes and many silver unknowns, the story will continue in a second season that promises to leave us with our mouths open

10. Selftape

Filmin has bet everything on authorial views in its original production effort . First came ‘Doctor Portuondo’, which explored the sharp mental recesses of Carlo Padial; Then it was the turn of the uncomplexed ‘Self-defense’, designed by Berta Prieto, Belén Barenys and Miguel Ángel Blanca; and the third (and winner, as the saying goes) has been ‘Selftape’, another immersion in a rich inner world. On this occasion, the protagonists and creators are Joana and Mireia Vilapuig , whom we met in their adolescence when they participated in ‘Red Bracelets’. And precisely about that experience, which brought them fame, they reflect in this intimate series that intertwines fiction and autobiographical overtones by bringing together two actresses and sisters fractured by the success of the past .

9. The jury

Reality or series? It doesn’t matter what genre or format we want to frame ‘The Jury’, since, regardless of labels, whoever gives it a chance will find four wonderful hours of television. Its nature of fiction masked as reality television provides a vibrant tone , based on a premise that can collapse at any moment: an ordinary man agrees to participate in a documentary about the process of being a juror in a trial, without knowing that the rest of his companions are actors and that everything around him is a lie. This constant tightrope walking, whose seams can be found if we sharpen our gaze, leads to an unusual and hilarious game with the viewer .

8. Let yourself be seen

‘Déjate ver’ is the great jewel of Atresplayer this year . Beneath his modest appearance lies a complex and accurate work, which represents a considerable step in Álvaro Carmona’s career as a creator behind the acclaimed ‘People Talking’. The screenwriter, director, musician and conceptual artist intertwines all his facets in a series brimming with originality , which launches a lucid reflection on the disidentification of Ana, a young artist who begins to disappear (literally) when she feels incomplete and unrecognized for her work. . Along the way, she creates a contained but tremendously inspired world, in which humor, drama, science fiction and artistic ecstasy have a place .

7. Bronca

If we talk about originality we cannot forget ‘Bronca’, one of the great surprises of the year . Its protagonists, Danny and Amy, lead very different lives, since he is a contractor without resources and she is a businesswoman on the verge of a million-dollar deal, but they both share the rage that grows inside her . The trigger for this outburst of mutual fury is an apparently trivial clash that unleashes an escalation of revenge as absurd as it is thrilling. In this way, we know their worst versions, embodied by the magnificent Steven Yeun and Ali Wong, although what really unfolds before us is a love story in which romance is exchanged for hate.

6. Poquita faith

‘Poquita faith’ is perfect. So clear. The new comedy by Pepón Montero and Juan Maidagán (‘Camera café’, ‘Just before Christ’) is a hymn to customs, to those small moments that could go unnoticed but that, when crossed by points of view that overlap and complementing each other, they give rise to a torrent of fascinating comedy. In just a quarter of an hour, each episode condenses a month of a stagnant marriage, surrounding them with a cast of secondary characters that enriches a universe that is as hilarious as it is (extra)ordinary .

5. Tell me how it happened

‘Tell me how it happened’ is not just any series, it is the series of our lives . At least, it is the fiction that has marked millions of viewers for 23 seasons. An iconic and long-running Spanish production that says goodbye after 22 years on the air with seven episodes that are seven gems . It is not easy to specify in a paragraph what this final season means. In fact, words probably cannot express the emotional and visceral connection that it provokes in its audience. But ‘Cuéntame’ leaves just as it arrived on TVE, with its head held high and maintaining its honorary title as  the best series in the history of Spanish fiction

4. The Last of Us

‘The Last of Us’ had an excellent foundation to stand out on HBO, but it also ran the risk of falling into the overcrowded graveyard of failed video game adaptations . Fortunately, the duo formed by Craig Mazin (‘Chernobyl’) and the creative director of Naughty Dog games, Neil Druckmann, have gotten their way and, in addition to respecting everything that made the story of Joel and Ellie ( played here by the unbeatable Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey) worked, it adds new layers to a post-apocalypse in which brutality and violence are not at odds with emotional depth .

3. The Bear

The transformation of ‘The Bear’ restaurant has been the perfect excuse to build something better, both in the restaurant and in the lives of its characters . Everyone has had the opportunity to evolve, although some have been unable to complete that process, but the most interesting thing has been to see how each one has dealt with this transition period that the second season proposes. With the exciting formations of Richie and Marcus or the constant concerns of Sydney , the borders of the excellent FX series have expanded , which has also seasoned its forceful return with a stark look at the past that helps to understand the broken family of Carmy .

2. The Messiah

Los Javis’ ability to surprise us with each of the projects they carry out has made ‘La Mesías’ one of the most important series of the year. From the story that could all be familiar to us at least as a basis thanks to the inspiration in the Flos Mariae, to the interpretations where absolutely everyone stands out, making us have a captivating and quality product . To this we add that its ending generated controversy, which means that, once the series ends, it continues to give people talk and generate debate, creating different concepts in each of the viewers.

1. Succession

While ‘Game of Thrones’ was approaching its final closure, HBO launched another war, that of ‘Succession’ , which five years after seeing the light has come to an end, establishing itself as one of the most relevant series of our time . And its significance does not lie in its portrait of the high spheres of communication, those that control the messages that are sent to the entire world, but in the audacity with which a family as dysfunctional as it is influential has been built . These dynamics are captured in scripts that brim with ingenuity, but that are also elevated by top-level filmmakers and by a cast in a state of grace, capable of squeezing out every expletive and every gesture to make the Roys a surname worthy of the Soprano or the Fishers .

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