New on Netflix: After “Army of the Dead” there’s even more Matthias Schweighöfer today.

“Army of the Dead” hits Netflix with full force – and Matthias Schweighöfer is celebrated. The streaming service probably thought: Let’s cut another film with him. There is also new action with Bruce Willis and “Superman” Henry Cavill.

Army Of The Dead Scaled

There are also some new films on Netflix this Saturday that are new to the program. After yesterday – as is usual every Friday – new exclusive titles (above all “Army Of The Dead “), two purchased movies that are already a few years old are running today.


“Army of the Dead” star Matthias Schweighöfer plays the leading role in “Solo Album “. The film adaptation of the bestseller by pop writer Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre gave Schweighöfer its final breakthrough in 2003.

Schweighöfer embodies music journalist Ben, whose cool facade breaks when his girlfriend Katharina (Nora Tschirner) breaks up with him. But Ben wants to win his girlfriend back and ends up in a series of embarrassing situations.

“Solo album” is an entertaining love comedy.


There is more action, however, in “The Cold Light of Day ”: “Superman”  Henry Cavill plays businessman Will, who finds out on a sailing holiday in Spain that his honest-looking father ( Bruce Willis ) is a CIA agent – and powerful It’s a mess. Soon Will is mistaken for a murderer by the Spanish police and additionally hunted by CIA killers.

The Cold Light of Day” is a rock solid staged action thriller, which offers some fast-paced and exciting scenes in front of heavily captured locations in Madrid, while the plot is rather mixed.


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