Netflix: Pink Power Ranger reveals why he did not participate in the meeting

Pink Power Ranger
Pink Power Ranger

Recently, the pink Power Ranger has given her reasons for not having participated in the expected Netflix meeting

Recently, the pink Power Ranger has given her reasons for not having participated in the long-awaited meeting that was held thanks to the famous Netflix platform , something that has undoubtedly surprised everyone quite a bit.


The Ending Of The Original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Series Explained


And this is how now, Amy Jo Johnson has given her reasons for skipping this event, she was the Pink Ranger, Kimberly, from 1993 to 1995, with a small return in ‘Turbo Power Rangers’ and a cameo in the 2017 reboot.


Amy Jo Johnson: Not in 'Power Rangers' Special for Personal Reasons – The Hollywood Reporter


However, his career has advanced much more after the series , since he was an important character in ‘Felicity’ and ‘Flashpoint’, he has recorded three albums and now he is dedicated to directing films like ‘Tammy’s always dying’ or episodes of series like ‘Superman & Lois’.


I could say that the advancement of his career makes him not want to look back, but it is not the reason why he has decided not to return to Angel Grove.


“stop saying that I didn’t do the meeting for money. It’s just not true. Maybe I just didn’t want to wear tight leggings at 50 or couldn’t go to New Zealand for a month. Or nothing that matters to you. Jason David Frank and I decided not to go for our own reasons. They recorded before he died,” he tweeted.”


However, he wanted to leave a memory for David Yost and Walter Emanuel Jones, who will participate in the reunion , and has made it clear that he will see the special without getting bad blood.


Power Rangers star Amy Jo Johnson looks INCREDIBLE 29 years on from show - and has an impressive hidden talent | The US Sun


Last week we were able to see a new trailer for Power Rangers: Once & Always, in which we can see some expected returns such as the original Blue Power Ranger, David Yost, the original Black Ranger, Walter E. Jones, the Pink Ranger, Catherine Sutherland, Steve Cardenas, Karan Ashley, and Johnny Yong Bosch.

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