Netflix, the South Korean movie streaming service that is terrified all of its users


Netflix is once again on everyone’s lips due to a new South Korean film that is alarming all of its subscribers.

Despite the debate surrounding Netflix’s new policy requiring users not to disclose their accounts, the platform continues to surprise its consumers and, as usual, has one of the movies provoking the most fear among its viewers.

List: Korean Horror Movies To Watch On Netflix

It is a horror and suspense picture that has become popular this week and is among the most watched on the streaming platform. Providing Netflix the popularity that has kept it as the platform leader.

It is based on Kim Tae-2023 joon’s South Korean thriller Identity Unlocked, which stars Im Si-wan, Chun Woo-hee, and Kim Hee-won. It is based on Akira Shiga’s Japanese novel Sumaho o Otoshita Dake Nanoni. On February 17, it debuted on Netflix.

10 Best South Korean Horror Movies of All Time (2021 Edition)

This is a horrifying picture that has rapidly become one of the most watched movies on the streaming site, generating numerous comments on social media. It is about a lady whose life is turned upside down when a dangerous man finds and steals her phone. Use to carry out the steps.

Critics have given the frightening South Korean movie mixed reviews, yet Netflix members continue to recommend it on social media. Most believe that it is a really enjoyable film that keeps the audience interested with its unique story.

Korean horror movies you should definitely not watch alone

Unlocked Identity is presently the world’s second most watched Netflix film, and the first in Latin America. In this way, Netflix achieves extraordinary success again again by betting on genres that its users appreciate the most.

“Watch this Korean movie and you will see how they can destroy us if our phone falls into the wrong hands”, “After watching this movie I am afraid that they are spying on me”, “I am watching “Identity Unlocked” and now I am afraid that if one day my cell phone is damaged, I have to take it to be fixed and they put a camera or something on it”,

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