Poncho Herrera admits that being an RBD has psychological effects for him

Poncho Herrera
Poncho Herrera

Alfonso Herrera, an actor and former member of RBD, remembers his time in the group not for its success, but for the horrific moments they shared as a group.

This year, the pop group that sparked outrage in Mexico, Latin America, and even Spain, RBD, announced with fanfare and cymbal their long-awaited reunion; however, Alfonso Herrera‘s refusal to participate in this long-awaited tour caused a stir, and he now admits that being a member of the band left him with severe psychological havoc.


In a recent interview with a well-known Spanish media, the legendary Alfonso Herrera admitted that being a member of RBD left him with psychological ramifications that he is still coping with, because they lived through horrible situations without any form of psychological support.

One of those instances occurred in Brazil, a place where RBD was a hit, filling stadiums and becoming one of the most admired groups in those lands, reaching almost 470,000 people in all in the performances they presented during their heyday and where tragedy struck.


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RBD suffered the worst tragedy in his musical career 17 years ago, in 2006, when three young people died in Brazil as a result of a stampede of people gathered for an autograph signing, a truth that troubled their thoughts, including that of “Poncho Herrera.”


“To this day I am still a bit afraid when I go to a place where there are a lot of people. We were alone and we supported each other because we did not have psychological support to be able to deal with this situation. It was very hard. Years later we returned to Brazil, we met the relatives and I met the father of one of the girls who lost her life. That event marked me in a very profound way and no matter how much I try to turn it around, she is still there.” He assured, Herrera.”


According to Alfonso Herrera for the newspaper El Pas, the traumatic experience changed his life to the point where he is now terrified to go anywhere with a large crowd. Furthermore, he stated that neither he nor his colleagues were receiving psychological assistance at the time.


“We share things that no one else will be able to know and that the six of us were there in hard times, in joyful moments and difficult moments,” said the actor.”


In a similar vein, former RBD Alfonso Herrera stated once again that he retains a strong relationship with his old teammates: Anahi, Christopher, Dulce Mara, Mayte, and Christian, and forecasts tremendous success for them with this 2023 reunion tour.

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