Manelyk would like to return to the House of the Famous, for Niurka?

The influencer in the last broadcast of the reality show forged a good friendship with Alicia Machado.

Manelyk 1
Manelyk 1

Manelyk González since his participation in “Acapulco Shore” has known how to gain popularity through his direct statements and by accepting programs that lead him to position himself in the public’s taste, such as the reality show “Las estrellas bailan en Hoy” in the morning of Televisa, where he will compete dancing with other couples.

Given her recent participation, the influencer said she was happy because she has very good chemistry with her dance partner, actor Carlos Speitzer, positioning them from the first day of the competition as one of the favorites.

For this reason, the singer was also intervened by the media, which reminded them of her time on Telemundo’s reality show, “The House of Celebrities” where she stood out for her good attitude and also for the friendship she developed. with Alicia Machado and which would alienate her from Celia Lora.

“When I saw the cast I said chin I want to be there, yes obviously I wanted to be there but we are going to do something with Telemundo so that they sneak me into the house one day or something like that, I want to be there”, revealed the singer who in the last broadcast of the reality show was among the finalists.


Just as in the interview he commented on who his favorite participants are: “Potro is my fave, my rooster, my friend, obviously and he has everything to win, I already told him if he doesn’t win I have to win, I’ll be supporting him on my networks social “.

While the women supported Brenda since she is also a participant in Acapulco Shore, she commented that Niurka Marcos will undoubtedly cause controversy.

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