Michael Stuart, from winner of the second season of Tu Cara Me Suena to celebrate his 25-year career

Michael Stuart is a 47-year-old Puerto Rican singer who, after his victory on the show ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’, will soon be able to undertake new projects with his music

Michael Stuart hd
Michael Stuart hd

It wasn’t long ago that the television show ‘ Tu Cara Me Suena’, in its second season, came to an end giving victory to Puerto Rican singer Michael Stuart. Thanks to his imitations of different characters positioned him as one of the best in this edition. Among the artists who gave him life are the deceased Juan Gabriel and Celia Cruz, where he had to put on “his heels” to feel his music and represent more than a song, but concepts, movements, times, and emotions, on stage.

However, the happiness and energy with which he showed up for La Vibra were not the same with which he started. At first, she was scared and had a different idea of what these kinds of shows were. “When I realized it was a reality show, I got scared because I’m terrified of reality shows. For me, that is fighting to win, crazy. when I realized it was about impersonating artists, I fell in love with the boot. It is something that I loved to practice in my shows. I was doing it for fun,” she recounted. “When I saw the proposal I totally fell in love and said ‘that’s me, that’s what I like’”, he added and assured that when he entered the set “he fell in love” with everything he saw: the work team, the colleagues, the concept of the program and the characters he had to imitate.

Michael Stuart

In this sense, his companions were also an important factor in his stay, especially Kika, Yahir, and Manny Cruz, since with the latter he shared a duet where they had to work as a team. So much so that his colleagues made the challenge more bearable, that they have a WhatsApp group where they maintain communication and are planning a reunion in the countries where they come from.

Regarding the characters that gave him life, the ones that marked him the most were Juan Gabriel and Celia Cruz, both from different Latin countries who made history in the music industry. “They were two characters that everyone was waiting for to be perfect. It was an incredible challenge and they were two characters that changed my life”, he highlighted. In the latter, he described it as a challenge for being “the maximum female representation of salsa and tropical music.”

“She is a figure that is always remembered the same, with a happy soul, partying, rumba, a singer who dreamed, Not all women are soneras. Sonar is improvisation (…) It was definitely amazing to put myself in Celia Cruz’s shoes, ”she indicated.

The reinvention of Michael Stuart

Michael Stuart assured that being in the program has allowed him to reach other doors of different nationalities that did not know about him. “That program prepared me for what is to come. That program prepared me to reinvent Michael Stuart, relaunch Michael Stuart and be reborn again in salsa”, he stated and took the opportunity to bring out his most recent song called ‘Bailemos’, which was also recorded at the same time it was on the reality show of music.

“That was a project. We had no room for anything. They rehearse from Monday to Saturday, on Saturdays it was a dress rehearsal, but on Mondays, we stayed until two in the afternoon with vocal coaching, choreography, what I had to dance… In that small space, if there is something that I have in my favor it is that I go into the studio and record a song in an hour. And, be careful, because I arrive already prepared not to waste time. We were able to do this in the free time of ‘Tu Cara me Suena’”, she explained.

Michael Stuart:

The new salsa projects

The song ‘Bailemos’ is the first project he has done for a long time but it makes it special due to its relaunch and the work team it has. In his intervention, he asserted that it was his nephew Cris who helped him record the music video for the song and his brother was the one who released the production under the Stuart Music label. “I think I work with what I like, hand in hand with my family, and that I can travel with them and count on my nephew to continue making videos for me and I have been working with my brother for a long time,” he said.

“There is a lot of music, obviously in salsa. I’m super up for collaborations and merging with whatever comes along,” she added. In addition, he said that next Sunday he will have an act in his native Puerto Rico for his victory in the program, where the mayor of the city and the Senate will be included.

“Now we are preparing the concert for the 25 years, there are 26, but to make it a more beautiful number, we are going to celebrate a worthy anniversary for all the fans. We are going to bring all the colleagues with whom I collaborated from the beginning of my career. I’m sure I’m going to have to integrate some personifications”, he stated and affirmed that he will surely be in other places like New York and Miami, with a good tour. “Now there is no brake, now we are going to hit it hard”.

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