Lucia Méndez discovers a private moment with Luis Miguel between the sheets

Lucia Mendez
Lucia Mendez

Lucia Méndez, the iconic Mexican actress, would have admitted in previous interviews about her brief romance with Luis Miguel, but now she discloses more specifics about her time between the sheets.

In previous declarations, the famous television actress astonished everyone by divulging aspects of her previous connection with Luis Miguel, one of which specifically relates to the moment that Lucia Méndez shared under the sheets with ” El Sun de México “, as revealed by the same.


For years, the life of ” Micky ” has been surrounded by a lot of controversy, primarily because of the relationships he had throughout all these years, and it was the singer and businesswoman herself who would join the enormous list of conquests by ” Sol de México “, with whom he would also share “intimacy.”

Although the one born in León, Guanajuato was several years older than the interpreter of ” Underneath the table “, who at the time was “underage,” the relationship arose during one of the most brilliant moments of youth and prosperity for both.


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According to the details she disclosed to Pepillo Origel, this did not stop Lucia Méndez from becoming involved in a relationship that would end in bed.

The actress also stated that she was surprised to find the 52-year-old ” record producer ” with his customary tan, blonde hair, and outfit, so on a night out drinking, he claims that the singer kissed him and she let go until she ended up in an intimate connection with the artist.


Nace la segunda nieta de Lucía Méndez y aquí su primeras fotos |


“I see him golden with m@dre (to Luis Miguel) So it turns out that he was 17; golden with blond hair, an amazing Armani tuxedo, a bottle of champagne, then he comes in and sits down and we start talking, then he pours the champagne and I start drinking.

I put on a drink comp@dre, get intoxicated, let go of my body, and he kisses me. I already had half a jar, so what happened that night happened, and the next day I woke up and wondered what I was doing?”

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