Shakira answers to Piqué in a tweet with a white glove


Shakira, the musician, responds to Gerard Piqué’s provocative words with great pride and head held high.



Gerard Piqué’s recent words sparked outrage on social media because, about a year after his breakup with singer Shakira was confirmed, he had not taken the opportunity to speak honestly from his point of view.


“Last year has passed, my ex-partner is Latin American, that is, you do not know what I get on social networks from people who are fans of her, but thousands of barbarities.”

During a King’s League internet event, the Spaniard addressed the problem with his children’s mother, saying: In addition, he commented on Shakira’s session #53 with the Argentine Bizarra orchestra, explaining why he does not agree with the topic for a song:


“We are going to criticize this beef, then the other one, well, I don’t want to go into it but it is a personal issue, that is, throwing away beef, which is very good because it is fashionable and everything is fine and then we do not think about the consequences that It can end up having a sentimental level to the person you throw the beef at. It remains a very personal, digital level…”


For her part, the Colombian chose to send a direct message to Gerard Piqué, stating on her official Twitter account that her words are not keeping her awake at night.


“Proud to be Latin American”


Attaching all of the flags that make up the world’s side was, of course, a brave approach for netizens to face the statements that their ex-partner would have made.

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Written by Sarah Joseph

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