Lizbeth Rodríguez a work of art from the beach takes a better pose

Lizbeth Rodriguez shines on the street with a swimsuit with band aids
Lizbeth Rodriguez shines on the street with a swimsuit with band aids

The host of “Infieles” Lizbeth Rodríguez, like a work of art, takes her best poses from the sea.

The beautiful influencer Lizbeth Rodríguez posed like a work of art from the sea, as she took her best poses for the camera in an elegant dress that perfectly fit her marked curves, making her look more than precious in each of the photographs in which it is presumed.

The former Badabum girl knows how to show off from her best angles, so in this case, it was no exception, however, she wanted to give it a more artistic touch while being in nature and photographing herself by the sea, making this session an unforgettable postcard for all her followers who were more than in love with seeing the beautiful influencer from the beach.

Lizbeth Rodríguez showed off with a dress in a cream hue that perfectly matched her skin tone, having a rather flirtatious cut that allowed her to show off her beautiful figure since it had two pronounced and daring openings on the sides of the legs. legs giving a complete look at them, like a great neckline that left her charms in the air, pampering her followers.

Like an aquatic goddess, she posed in front of the camera, while in the second photo she showed off her classic smile that more than one internet user is in love with since the influencer always tries to portray herself in a comical, smiling, and happy way without putting aside the flirting, so smile and focus closer to his face.

That it was possible to distinguish the beautiful accessories that accompanied her, some long earrings hanging from her lobes, with sun and moon charms, which go perfectly with the beach theme, as well as some rings decorating the fingers of the 28-year-old YouTuber and some pretty necklaces, all the jewels in golden tones to give a touch of shine to her outfit.

Lizbeth Rodríguez wanted to accompany the beautiful images by giving a positive message, she wrote:

“Don’t be intimidated by anyone, you are the strength they need to move forward.”

Recently, the content creator has been seen sharing new chapters of her controversial series in which she exposes “Infieles”, as well as supporting the cause of LGBT+ pride, when the march took place last month, showing off in a colorful attire in honor of the community.

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