Kylie Jenner confirms that she is pregnant with her second baby through a moving video

The father of her second child is Travis Scott
The father of her second child is Travis Scott

A video that collected emotional moments with her family became the best way in which model Kylie Jenner announced that she is expecting her second child with rapper Travis Scott.

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The clip brings together her gestation process to the present day. In this one, she can be seen showing her pregnancy test, and inviting her first-born Stormi Webster to a medical appointment. In a different scene, his mother Kris Jenner is seen receiving the news through some pictures of the ultrasound. The video ends with Kylie showing her huge belly kissed by her little girl.

The 24-year-old socialite made this announcement through her Instagram account through a tender video that begins with the popular rapper hugging her belly and shows the pregnancy test that says “Pregnant” , that is, pregnant.


This Was The Ultrasound Where Kylie Met Her Second Baby | Geekybar


After hiding her second pregnancy during the initial facet of pregnancy, Kylie Jenner was seen in this video with her bulging belly. In addition, he shared with his fans a clip of his ultrasound , in the recording he made it clear that he involved his first-born Stormi from the first moment to wait for his new little brother or sister.

While her mother did not hold back and returned to express her feelings. “Crying all over again what a special and amazing Blessing and gift God has given you !!!! ”(“ Crying again, what an amazing and special blessing and gift God has given you! ”) Kris Jenner wrote.

So did her other sisters Khloe Kardashian and . “ Crying this is so beautiful my blessed angel sister” (“Crying, this is so beautiful and blessed sister”), said Kourtney.

The couple separated in 2019, after spending two years together. However, they maintained a cordial relationship by raising their first daughter. In 2021 E! News confirmed that the two remained “madly in love” and were back together as a sentimental couple. (AND)

Stormi As An Older Sister Giving Her Mother A Tender Kiss On The Abdomen | Geekybar

Kylie Jenner was able to hide for a long time that she was pregnant with Stormi and for this reason the rumors were strengthened; But what ended up increasing the assumptions was that Caitlyn Jenner, the mother of the young woman, accidentally released the news during an event, because she was jokingly saying that she wanted to have 30 grandchildren, however, she mentioned that she was barely 18 and was waiting for the 19, who was already “in the oven.”

 showed her excitement by writing that she was crying with excitement while Kendall Jenner wrote “I can’t handle it” out of immense joy at the news. Other artists who showed their congratulations were Olivia Pierson, Travis Barker and Heather Sanders.

Congratulations rained on the businesswoman on her social media profiles and her followers said they were happy for her second pregnancy. In the recordings shared by Kylie, she also showed how she broke the news to her mom.

The businesswoman brought Caitlyn Jenner some pictures of her first ultrasound “What is this? You are pregnant?” the young woman’s mother mentioned as she smiled broadly and congratulated her on her announcement.


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