Home Entertainment Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell are now husband and wife!

Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell are now husband and wife!

lily collins y charlie mcdowell
lily collins y charlie mcdowell

After Lily Collins announced her engagement to Charlie McDowell in 2020, the American actress , a few months later, revealed that she married the filmmaker, during a dream ceremony judging by the images – at Dunton Destinations, a luxury community with quaint chateaux located in Colorado.

Who designed Lily Collins wedding dress?

Lily Collins, star of Emily in Paris, shared the capture of the moment through her Instagram account, where she wears her elegant and classic wedding dress, very ad hoc with the style of the actress, who is characterized by her sophisticated outfits, always with an avant-garde touch. For this special day, she wore a Ralph Lauren design , with a high neck, long sleeves and lace work.

The design of the American fashion house has a flowing flow that falls as a mermaid cut in the final area of ​​Collins’ silhouette. Having the lace as the protagonists and a veil that covered her as a cape , she did not need much more to complement: jewelry by Irene Neuwirth and a beauty look of which we must highlight the magnificent touch that the smooth and low bun worn by the artist should be highlighted.

In addition to the romantic image of her dress, an even more romantic message was added with which Lily Collins accompanied the publication about her wedding: ‘I had never wanted to be someone else’s other than yours, and now I am your wife. On September 4, we officially turned from each other forever. I love you beyond, ‘he wrote on Instagram

For now, Lily Collins has published some photos of her wedding that follow the line of the ‘perfect story’ that she has shared on her social networks about their relationship: long hiking trips with her pet, walks in Paris, tender moments since the proximity of his home, have been just some of the fragments of the story that he has shared with Charlie McDowell, with whom he began his relationship in 2019.



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