Kylie Jenner mesmerizes in nets with fitted translucent dress

The American socialite and businesswoman dazzled with her impressive hourglass figure in a tight garment that allowed a lot of skin to be seen

Kylie Jenner thats how she looks really without a drop of makeup
Kylie Jenner thats how she looks really without a drop of makeup

Known throughout the world not only for her spectacular curves but for her skills as a businesswoman, Kylie Jenner this time hypnotized in networks with an outfit with which she highlighted her impact curves with sensual transparencies, taking the breath away from her millions of admirers.

The Californian model, who became known on reality television for the Kardashians, swept Instagram by sharing an image in which she boasts a fitted translucent dress that allows her to show off her sensational hourglass silhouette without losing the touch of style and glamor that characterizes it, showing that with the right accessories everything can look elegant and chic.

Kylie Jenner hypnotized her followers on social networks with the tight translucent black dress with which she greeted everyone very politely in French, and showed off her taste for fashion, obtaining in a few hours more than 8 million “likes” per part from his fans around the world.

The American socialite shared from her Instagram account, in which she currently has 247 million followers, some photographs in which she appears with a tight black dress and vivid gray and yellow colors, with which she revealed the skin of her anatomy under the risky garment, raising the pulsations.

The cut of the outfit was strapless and mermaid, which molded very well to her curves and allowed her to show off her lush rear and flat abdomen, revealing her perfect body under the fabric. As a complement, Kylie Jenner wore a small grayish-black velvet bag and dark sunglasses.

The hair, a very important part of the businesswoman’s look, looked loose and with waves falling on the back and shoulder of the model, who also showed off a makeup with emphasis on the cheeks and a pink lipstick, while something more shocking was guessed at the eye area.

Within minutes of posting the publication, Kylie Jenner obtained more than 8 million “likes” from her followers on the camera’s social network, including one of the supermodel Gigi Hadid, which was also echoed by fans of the camera. designer.

However, and despite the reception that the image had on networks, Kylie Jenner deleted the publication hours later and it is no longer available on her Instagram profile, however, her followers went ahead and took screenshots of it that they later shared on other social networks and thus the spectacular look of the model could be rescued.

In her role as a businesswoman, Kylie Jenner is in full promotion of the relaunch of her cosmetics line, which is due on July 15. The celebrity announced that the new products are made with more environmentally friendly materials and are not tested on animals.

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