Kimberly Flores in a skin-colored dress exudes maximum elegance

Extravagant Kimberly Flores in nude knee-length dress

Kimberly Flores in a skin colored dress
Kimberly Flores in a skin colored dress

32-year-old Kimberly Flores knows how to dress like a true goddess without the need to show so much, proof of this was the photo she shared on her Instagram account where she is seen in a skin-colored dress of total envy, in addition to makeup glamorous like her.

The outfit was knee-length with long sleeves and a round neck that was too refined, in addition, her spectacular figure looks full of impact because she loves being the center of attention and even more so when her curves will be the protagonists because as you already know, she is a woman who loves exercise too much.

“Divine you look nicer this look and it’s good that you changed your more elegant mood”, “It will be that my idol greets me please”, “How beautiful I love you very much very much”, “You look very good like that Kim every most beautiful day”, they write to Kimberly Flores in the photo that reached more than 55 thousand likes.

Another of the things for which the model is admired is for being a strong woman despite all the hater she has received since she is with Edwin Luna, and that is that despite all the offenses, she has remained tough as a pillar, so far from focusing on negative energy, she has focused on personal projects.

As if that were not enough, the also businesswoman has kept her family closer than ever, just look at how they spent Christmas, surrounded by much love and making it clear that she is stronger every day, because some thought she had weakened since she entered La Casa de Los Famosos where she made people talk about her alleged affair with Roberto Romano.

As expected, this scandal got her into trouble, but far from letting herself show her face and assured her that everything was a lie, because at no time did she cheat on her husband, as if that were not enough, she asked for a public apology for how things ended, although Everything was fixed because now she lives very happily away from problems.

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Kimberly Flores in a skin colored dress exudes maximum elegance

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