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One is past and one is present, Pete Davidson is now the winner of the heart of the beautiful Kim Kardashian, but does he have more fortune than Kanye West

Ye has a new love, but apparently Kanye West is not willing to separate himself from his ex Kim Kardashian so easily and is more than aware of his relationship with actor Pete Davidson , but speaking of fortunes, how much are we talking about? 

It is well known that the beautiful Kim Kardashian does not require a man for her economic solvency, since her personal fortune is quite high thanks to her reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians, her companies, advertising and others; however, in his world, fortune does matter. 

Kardashian is separating from nothing more and nothing less than one of the three richest black men self-made in the history of the United States, because according to Celebrity Networth, Kanye West’s estate is valued at nothing more and nothing less than 6.6 billion dollars. 

The father of Kim Kardashian’s children is a rapper, producer, fashion designer and an entrepreneur; His rise to fame and fortune began in 2004 with the release of his debut album Tha College Dropout. Ye is one of the most awarded musicians in the world with 21 Grammy Awards out of 69 nominations. He is currently more focused on business than music.

On the other hand is who has captured the heart of the beautiful Kim after ending her marriage to West, Pete Davidson. The comedian is recognized for his work on Saturday Night Live and dating famous and beautiful women like Ariana Grande and now, Kim Kardashian.

Pete does not have the great fortune that Kanye West has, but he has a not unpleasant heritage, nothing more and nothing less than 8 million dollars, according to the same website specialized in this.

Despite the great difference in fortunes, Kim Kardashian does not seem to care and has confronted Ye for her love for Pete Davidson; this even though West has made comments about how he is going to kiss his partner in front of him.

Currently, Kanye West has a relationship with the beautiful model Julia Fox, although many say that it is only to counteract his ex’s relationship with the comedian by showing off with a beautiful woman.

The rumors of the relationship between Ye and Julia have immediately monopolized the show notes, as it has been pointed out that the rapper is already beginning to control his partner, managing even what he is going to wear, they have even been seen combined.

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