Julia Fox: The actress and model who captured Kanye West’s heart. Beautiful photographs of the woman who took Kim Kardashian’s position.

Julia Fox Hot White Tie

The world’s most famous rapper, who appears to have found his love despite his inability to come to terms with his divorce from Kim Kardashian for a long time. Julia Fox was the one. The couple’s relationship has been made public.

It was rumoured about a month ago that Kanye was dating Julia. They attended various occasions together, but they were very careful not to attract the attention of the photographers. They initially stated that for West, this is just another interest to distract him from his beloved Kim. However, it appears that everything turned out to be far more serious.

The newlyweds spoke about the beginnings of their courtship in a joint interview with Interview magazine. They met on New Year’s Eve and instantly clicked. He won Julia Kanye over not only with his intellect and erudition, but also with a rare gift.

You had a surprise planned for me. I mean… I’m still stunned. It was an entire hotel room packed with various types of clothing. This, like the current Cinderella moment, is every girl’s dream. I’m not sure how he accomplished it or how he managed to put everything together. But I was taken aback! “Who, for example, does that kind of stuff on a second date?” According to Fox.

While the couple is going through a candy-bouquet phase and getting high off of each other. However, there are already plans in the works for the future.

Kanye West was not a bachelor for long: we have a look at some of his new girlfriend-beautiful model’s images.

“With us, everything was so natural! “I’m not sure where this is heading, but if it hints to the future even a little, I enjoy it,” Julia Fox quips.

The magazine also featured candid images of the couple in which they hug, lie on the floor, and express in every way that everything is serious with them. Fans, however, continue to doubt the sincerity of these feelings, believing that Kanye (or Ye, as he now refers to himself) is simply acting in spite of his ex.

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Written by Arun Sharma

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