Kim Kardashian’s dramatic transformation to mark the arrival of summer It has a Dolly Parton appearance

Kim Kardashian

Dani Mateo was unable to respond to the entrepreneur and influencer when she appeared in front of her fans, asking, “Is it, or Dolly Parton?”

In this Zapeando video, you can observe her new appearance.

As soon as the show starts, Dani Mateo with the sappers asks, “Tell me that you are not expecting to witness what Kim has done.”

Kim Kardashian‘s sudden, dramatic shift in appearance on social media shocked her fans.

She looks at the new photo of herself and asks herself, “Is it her or Dolly Parton?”

To promote her newest line of bikinis, the influencer and entrepreneur has altered not only her haircut but also her makeup and appearance to more closely resemble the “Hollywood of the 80s”.

She draws a comparison to the era of Dallas and the Dynasty.

Quique Peinado is unsure if it is Kim Kardashian or not, saying, “The face is that of a neighbour or a friend.”

She has undergone a significant shift in appearance, as shown in the news clip.

Her daughter’s pricey theme party was this one.

North West, Kim Kardashian‘s kid, celebrated her ninth birthday with a trip on a private plane and some “camping” in the woods.

You may get all the specifics from Lorena Castell in this Zapeando video.


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