Kim Kardashian’s sex tape: Kim, Kris Jenner, and I coordinated the release

kim kardashian 14
kim kardashian 14

It seems that it was planned and not impulsive.

For more than fifteen years, the Kardashian family has been featured in the media and on the covers of several publications.

However, Kim Kardashian first gained notoriety and recognition thanks to a video that was released 15 years ago.

Even worse, it was a sex video between her and her then-boyfriend, artist Ray-J.

As one of the protagonists of the film has learned, the release of the photographs was nothing more than a montage between Kim, Ray, and Kris Jenner. What first seemed to have been an accident, an unintentional deed, or a simple error now fades into the background.

a disclosure made by Ray J in an interview with the British newspaper DailyMail.

Ray has now chosen to confess the truth after feeling regret and sadness, and we assume that he did so after paying a substantial remuneration.

The rapper’s first statement to the British publication was, “I have been in the shadow for more than 14 years, enabling the Kardashian to utilize and misuse my brand and gain billions of dollars for a decade and a half talking about a topic that I have never talked about.

I’ve never disclosed anything.

Never in my life have I leaked a video.

No leak has ever occurred.

In response to the decision to remove the contentious video, he stated, “It has always been an agreement between Kris Jenner, Kim, and I, and we have been partners from the start.

The film was originally just a sex video without any extra explanation when it was initially created in 2002. However, after witnessing how popular the video had become online, Ray J personally suggested that it be filtered.

Paris Hilton’s reputation was greatly increased by a video of her playing poker with Rick Saloman. Paris Hilton is the heiress of a hotel empire.

The machinery started to function at that point, and via Kris Jenner, the pictures were leaked to the producer Vivid Entertainment, which caused him to lose complete control of the file.

A contract that spoke about a “leakage?” was signed for this to be carried out.

and in which it was also decided to release two other films that had already been shot but were never released because they included pictures that Kim Kardashian herself had “stored in a Nike box beneath her bed.”

Throughout our relationship, I never had any of those videos in my hands, claims Ray J.

Kim will undoubtedly have larger beds and better boxes now.

The rapper asserts in the interview that the Kardashian-Jenner family planned and meticulously analyzed everything with the primary goal of achieving fame, wealth, and recognition.

Something that has turned into hardship for him.

“You know the reality, and you witness a family create an empire based on a fabrication of their design,” the suicidal person said.

It’s challenging for a black guy to live and work in America when he sees that his family has preconceived notions about him that he is well aware are wrong.

How do you survive that way?

A reputational issue

The artist has also had reputational and professional issues as a result of this mess: “Due to my image, I was unable to participate in any television show with a particular reputation, such as “Dancing with the Stars” or “Got Talent.”

I’m not permitted to go in locations like that because of what they did, he declares.

“I’ve lived with it for 14 years while I watched them humiliate me and rejoice in my demise. I was afraid I’d be in trouble if I confessed the truth.”

When did Ray J start acting like the guy who released the sex video and caused them to suffer?

anything that has come under fire with the premiere of the new episodes of “The Kardashians.”

The rapper asks Kim, his ex-girlfriend, questions throughout the interview.

“Kim, why are you playing once more?

I was only one of many participants in this.

We agreed, therefore it’s wrong that you’re now attempting to discredit me on your real program.

Both personally and professionally, you’ve screwed me.

We planned the whole thing together when we met with [name withheld] and your mother, but now you’re taking it a step further and making me out to be the insane person I’m not.

You’ve given me no option except to reveal what we did.

In response to Kanye’s request for the unreleased photographs, I offered him private films, pictures, and notes because I wanted to make things right and cheer him up.

I learn that the software is being promoted because of this.

Please assist me in improving my image; I want my kids to think well of me.

He is three and a half.

They are rather helpless.

Don’t let them think I’m a loser.

Kim Kardashian‘s retort has come quickly in the face of such remarks.

Did you see the episode?

Considering that I never criticize you.

It was captured on camera the day your boss threatened to publish an unreleased sex video online.

My five-year-old kid discovered the news on Roblox.

I assume you comprehend my feelings.

We both have children, so I assume you’ll want to put this behind you just as much as I do.

But your boss was the one who brought this to light once again, and I have every right to talk about how that impacted me.

The next chapter demonstrates how you helped Kanye get the computer and how he leaves you in a very favourable position.

I appreciate you doing it.

Statements that she hasn’t made in the DailyMail, where neither she nor Kris have agreed to an interview with the publication in question.

What do you think?

Written by Leena Wadia

Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 9 years.


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