5 things on a Tinder profile that turn girls off


There appear to be a million articles on the Internet about what you should and should not mention in your Tinder profile. However, when you open a dating app, you get the impression that no one has read this million pieces. As a result, we must write the first million words.

We shall, however, limit ourselves to the questionnaire’s textual component. Furthermore, the material “10 types of male selfies that irritate women” is already available. Remember to look into it when you complete reading this text.

So here are five things on a dating profile that turn off women.


“I love to travel,” “I love my friends and family,” “I love to walk along the beach at sunset,” and other such cliches. You’d be shocked, but everyone enjoys travelling. Everyone adores their friends and family. Everyone enjoys strolling along the beach (except those who are sand allergic)!

If you believe that these innocuous lines would generate a halo of delicate romantic nature around your profile, you are mistaken. All they will produce is a desire to instantly split ways with the owner of a mundane profile. Yes, before they met.


Notes on Home Construction

Of course, few will be strong enough to write directly: “A woman’s place is in the kitchen. ” However, the variants on the topic are limitless: “I love feminine ladies,” “Feminists should not be handled,” “I am seeking for a lovely girl, fragile like a mountain flower,” and so on.

In general, I believe that patriarchy should be reduced: it can deter even those women who aspire to a domestic profession as a child tamer and borscht priestess.



“Wait a minute, I can’t believe I’m here. ” “Let’s imagine we met later in the theatre,” for example. Seriously? Are there still those who believe that getting acquainted in the twenty-first century with the help of the Internet is impolite and shameful? There appears to be.

With a dude like him, the only thing you want to do is swipe to the left. Because, in his words, he humiliates not only himself, but also myself and hundreds of millions of people who use dating websites. And there’s nothing to say about individuals who met their partners or even their children’s parents on these sites.


Claims that are aggressive

The proclivity for hostility might take many forms, but it is always unpleasant. “I don’t answer to Tolstoy,” “I don’t waste my time on email, only meetings,” “Prove that it’s not just fools sitting here,” “I hope you can tell the difference between Monet and Cezanne.” The author of these ad hominem attacks on the vacuum must comprehend one simple fact: dating sites are enjoyable. These are opportunities, nice communication, and tremendous hopes.

The last thing a female who visits a dating site wants is to make contact with someone who believes that the people of “Tinder” owe him something. The only desire this sort arouses is to give him the phone number of a counsellor. Before you start blocking.


Plans that are exceedingly ambitious

“I’m looking for the one with whom I’ll walk hand in hand down the road to maturity and old age…” So, what’s going on down the road of life? What about a cup of coffee first? No, serious intentions are good (if they are sincere), but feeling them towards an abstract person is weird.


You must first get to know a person, learn about their blood type, zodiac sign, and Luc Besson’s favourite film. And then it is possible and on the path of life. Alternatively, on separate roads. In any event, avoid categorical statements. Maybe your future bride just swiped you to the left because she thought she was too frivolous for you.


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