Johnny Depp showed his SINISTER side in this film based on a book by Stephen King; is on HBO Max

This thriller movie was based on a book by Stephen King, which starred Johnny Depp when he was 41 years old.

Johnny Depp The secret window
Johnny Depp The secret window

Johnny Depp has been in the eye of the hurricane for a few weeks for the trial he waged against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, from which he received a favorable verdict. However, before living this nightmare in real life, the actor starred in one of the best suspense movies, in which he showed his most sinister side since the film is based on a book by Stephen King and you can find it at HBOMax. _

Stephen King is considered the father of terror for his chilling and hair-raising stories published in each of the books, which have been so successful that they have been adapted into movies.

In 2004 ” The secret window ” ( Secret Window ) was released, which was directed by David Koepp, who was also in charge of the script. While the film stars Johnny Depp, John Turturro, Maria Bello, and Timothy Hutton. At the box office, it could be considered a moderate success, costing only $ 40 million and grossing over $ 90 million.

Something that stands out from this film is the performance of Johnny Depp, who shows a little-known side of the actor since most of his followers are used to seeing him as ” Captain Jack Sparrow “, but in ” The Secret Window ” ( Secret Window ) leads viewers to feel a slight chill as the story takes an unexpected turn.

What is the movie starring Johnny Depp about?

The story centers on Mort Rainey ( Johnny Depp ), a successful writer who is suffering from creative block and has retired to a lonely house by a lake, while at the same time facing a divorce from his wife Amy ( Maria Bello ). ), after discovering her infidelity with Ted Milner ( Timothy Hutton ).

Living alone in the woods, Mort is confronted one day by the mysterious John Shooter ( John Turturro ), who accuses him of plagiarizing his story and ruining his ending. Given Rainey’s refusal, the supposed original author leaves him a manuscript so that he can verify with his own eyes that what he says is true.

At first, Mort takes Shooter for mental illness and throws away the sheets. But his maid takes it out of the trash thinking it was his, and instead of throwing it out again, he can’t stop thinking, so she reads it: it’s pretty much the same, except for the ending of the story. This will lead Rainey to become obsessed and do everything possible to verify that the idea of ​​his book is his, while John will harass him to the point of beating him and even killing everyone who stands in front of him.

Is this movie worth watching on HBO Max?

The critics gave mixed marks to ” The secret window ” ( Secret Window ), considering that the plot is a bit slow, but once it begins to reach its climax it is maintained. While some made notable references and changes between Stephen King’s story and David Koepp’s adaptation.

What is guaranteed is that the viewer will enjoy a good story, in which everything is resolved until the end, which has made it a true suspense movie and is available with your HBO Max subscription.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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