Jamaican Artist Spice Announces Pregnancy, Invites Curiosity


There aren’t many who haven’t been touched by immense popularity that Spice enjoys. The Queen of Dancehall has given countless hits and made millions of fans during her career as a singer.

And she now she’s taken to her Instagram to announce her third pregnancy when the 40 year old posted a picture from a maternity shoot. All glowing and happy, pregnancy definitely seems to agree with the Jamaican singer!

She flaunted her baby bump in a gorgeous blue gown, cut at the front and her hair tied up in a massive bun in hues of blue!

Instagram will load in the frontend.

Her instgram post captioned “God has been so good to me” looked like something straight out of heaven. All the blue gave us angelic vibes. The singer definitely knows how to make a statement, even while pregnant.

The few months that she’d been away from social media invited a lot of speculation. People went crazy with their theories. From coma to plastic surgery, it was a fest of wild imagination!

But the truth is far lovelier and happier than anything they could have thought of. Another little one for our Jamaican star. Who would’ve thought!

What do you think?

Written by Rashi Gautam

A writer by day and reader by night, I am someone who - as soon as she graduated from high school - knew she wanted to write. How? When? where? It did not matter as long as I got to write! And every second of it has been full of learning, adventure, and excitement. I love reading, especially high fantasy, fiction, and thrillers! And when I am not reading or reviewing books on my blog, I try my hand at graphic designing for blog posts, headers, logos. Add a little bit of video editing into the mix and I'm peachy!


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