Law Roach, the Star Stylist Behind Zendaya’s Flaming Looks, Announces His Shocking Retirement

law roach
The man, the off-screen genius who created some of the most iconic red-carpets looks for Zendaya and Priyanka Chopra declared his departure from the fashion industry.
And no, it’s not a gentle parting either. The stylist’s reason for exit is the dirty politics that goes on behind the shiny glare of the screens.
Law Roach Manifested His Fashion Dream, Now He's Ready for the World | Vogue
Going into in in more details, he said,
“If this business was just about the clothes, I would do it for the rest of my life but unfortunately it’s not. The politics, the lies and false narratives finally got to me! You win…I’m out.” 
It’s shocking and hurtful to read a message like that that makes you wonder how sick he must have been of all the shenanigans and the politics that he felt the only way to live peacefully was to leave the industry altogether. Especially when he was already doing something he adored, something he excelled at!
Zendaya's Stylist Law Roach Offers Styling Services Via The Wishi App
His exit made waves all over the fashion world. Even supermodel Naomi Campbell was left shocked, as she responded to the announcement saying’ “Law I won’t let you!!!! We don’t quit…”
We wonder what secrets those few words are hiding. Because the retirement of one of the most beloved celebrity stylist has triggered heated debates and flabbergasted comments over the alleged politics and toxicity that Law referred to in his quitting statement.
Celebrity Stylist Law Roach Announces He's Retiring Amid 'Lies & False  Narratives': 'You Win, I'm Out' Celebrity Stylist Law Roach Announces He's  Retiring Amid 'Lies & False Narratives': 'You Win, I'm Out' |
One event that comes to mind which was definitely disrespectful was the Louis Vuittton Fall Runway for the Fall-Winter 2923 collection when the disrespectful seating arrangement (he was not allotted a seat next to Zendaya) agitated the 44 year old stylist to no end.
Well, it’s not just Zendaya’s loss. Priyanka Chopra, Tom Holland, Lewis Hamilton, even Celine Dion, and Ariana Granda – all are going to suffer from this. He’s dressed and dolled all of ’em up real good in the past after all!.

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