Henry Cavill and his way of looking at Shakira unleashes memes

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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Henry Cavill And Shakira
Henry Cavill and Shakira

“I wish I were Shakira so that Henry Cavill would gaze at me the way that he does at her!” When a video went viral showing the protagonist of “Superman” being diverted from an interview when the Colombian appeared on the red carpet, many admirers of the actor suspected this to be the case.
The video from 2015 has just gone viral, and the manner that Henry Cavill responds to seeing the singer has given people something to talk about and released all sorts of memes. The video was uploaded in 2015.

This event took place in 2015 on the red carpet of Guy Ritchie’s action movie “The Man from UNCLE” (The CIPOL agent), which was also known as “The CIPOL agent.”

Henry was there at that occasion, and while he was fielding questions from the media, the Briton felt a tiny movement behind him. He turned around and asked the reporter whether she was worried about the Colombian star. Henry was aware of the situation. Cavill flashes a grin after being given an answer that is positive to his question.
Shakira, I wish I was you!
The responses of internet users to this odd occurrence have resulted in the proliferation of several memes in which the users poke fun at the actor’s aesthetic preferences.

If you came to Colombia, I guarantee you’d fall in love with the country. Even superheroes have questions about Shakira, it seems. Some of the responses included phrases like “Oh, I died, he adores Latinas.”

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