He is an actor, personal trainer and loves sushi: what you still do not know about Sam Asghari, partner of Britney Spears

The singer has just announced her upcoming motherhood with the Iranian, who has been her unconditional support during the five years they have been together

Sam Asghari Partner Of Britney Spears
Sam Asghari partner of Britney Spears

The last few months have been for Britney Spears a frenzy of experiences with which she has squeezed the drops of long-awaited personal (and legal) freedom for which she fought for thirteen years. Trips, champagne toasts, and plans that have already materialized in the most anticipated announcement: her pregnancy. Together with her partner ( she calls him husband, which has sparked rumors about her possible secret wedding ), Sam Asghari, the artist is preparing to fulfill that dream so long cherished and held back until now by the guardianship of the that she was subjected. Sam Asghari has been her rock stalwart for the past five years., a stage in which, as she approached her 40th birthday, Britney gathered strength and support to finally take control of her life.


There have been many times that Britney has referred to Sam as the most important thing for her, a love that has not understood limits or restrictions. They share their day-to-day, their projects, and their love for the show. Still do not know who is the man who faces a new future with Britney? Hesam Asghari, 27, born in Iran, has always wanted to be an actor and it was precisely one of his jobs, the music video for Slumber Party ( Britney’s single ) in 2016, that brought them together. “He knew my name, but he didn’t know me (…) We started talking about sushi and other things we liked and we agreed to go eat sushi one day,” Britney said in early 2017 in US Magazine. The exchange of phones was not long in coming and so they began dating, almost by chance as these things usually happen.

Asghari has always been quite discreet not only with his relationship but with his more personal life than The New York Times gives some brushstrokes. He moved from Iran to California at the age of twelve to join his father (she had arrived several years earlier), leaving his mother and three sisters behind in Tehran. “It was not difficult at all. It was easy for me ”he confessed in an interview in said medium. It was during this conversation that he revealed some of the jobs he has been involved in such as being a salesman for Best Buy, a company dedicated to technological products, and rolling sushi (hence his taste for this dish, perhaps).


As an actor, he has appeared in an episode of the HBO Max series, Hacks, in 2021, and he is currently shooting with Mel Gibson for what will be his big film debut, Hot Seat. His representative Brandon Cohen commented that his role will be that of a SWAT sergeant, which will highlight his talent for action scenes, just the discipline for which he is training. In addition to this fledgling acting career, Asghari runs an online personal training service, a subscription-based system where users receive exercise tips and personalized diets. The Ashgate Fitness profile is where he shares these routines.


The third child for the princess of pop

Little given to showing his most personal facet with the princess of pop, he has supported her with winks such as a t-shirt with the slogan Free Britney or directly with a message intended for his father-in-law: “I have no respect for someone who He tries to control our relationship and constantly puts obstacles in our way.” She has also spoken about the stage they face together, assuring that marriage and children are part of the natural evolution of a united couple. For Sam it is her first baby, something that she assures is exciting, while for the artist it is the third.

Britney has two teenage sons, Sean Preston, 16, and Jayden James, 15, from her marriage to Kevin Federline. After several disagreements over the custody issue, the ex-partner currently divides her time ( Britney cannot be with them as much as she would like, only 30% of the time) with children who, in the artist’s opinion, grow up too fast. “She drives me crazy because they are so tall and boy are they still growing. They went to a dance last week and I cried for two days ” she has assured her. Both Sean and Jayden have inherited the musical talent of their parents (Federline is a dancer), and thus, for example, the minor love to DJ in his own house and has shown his great abilities to play the piano.

Nor does Britney share many images of teenagers whom, as she says, she keeps quite far from the public spotlight. Yes, the altercation between Sean Preston and Jamie Spears, the artist’s father, transcended in 2019, which provoked the reaction of Kevin Federline who asked for a change in the custody terms, which reduced the time that Britney had to be with her children.

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