Grandmother Goes Viral After Country Music Legend Requests Assistance in Locating Her


Morgan Wallen, the country music superstar, uploaded a video from a February event in which an older woman definitely got far too into his upcoming album “One Thing At A Time.”

The video was shot in mid-February at Nashville’s Marathon Music Works, which hosted a three-night “preview experience” of Wallen’s upcoming album for a few lucky fans, according to Country Now. Guests were able to listen to the entire 36-track album by Wallen, which will be published on March 3.

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One of the attendees certainly got far more into the music than the others. “My favorite fan ever. “Y’all help me find this lady,” Wallen captioned a video of the older lady dancing her buttocks off. But she’s already been discovered!

The video was definitely professionally filmed and produced before Wallen shared it, but the woman in it appears to be a genuine dance queen. “THAT’S MY MOM!” one lady commented on Wallen’s post, tagging her mother’s TikTok account, @casinagina, to back up her claim.

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Grandmother Gina has evidently been a long-time supporter of Wallen, vowing her devotion to him in an October video.

After her viral popularity, Granny Gina’s niece stated that Wallen “[c]ouldn’t have picked a greater fan. You can’t talk to her without hearing the phrase Morgan Wallen.

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Sure, I purchased tickets, and she begged me to take her, so I said come on, and I’m pleased I did because she had a great time. She already knows when the CD will be out, and believe me, she will be burning the highways to get her hands on a copy.”

According to Country Today, Wallen coupled the song with his currently unreleased single “Thinkin’ Bout Me,” which will be the 25th song of his big new album. It’s really, really good.

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Yet, it is not as good as Granny Gina. May her be an eternal source of inspiration for women everywhere. May we all be able to wiggle our buttocks to Morgan Wallen well into our golden years.

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