Geraldine Bazán performs the #PillowChallenge with her daughter and the networks STALL

Actress Geraldine Bazán was heavily criticized after performing the famous challenge #PillowChallenge with her daughter Miranda .


In recent weeks we have seen the famous #PillowChallenge challenge become fashionable among artists , which consists of dressing with a single pillow without any garment underneath. A challenge recently carried out by Geraldine Bazán .

However, the actress did not carry out this challenge alone but did it with her six-year-old daughter Miranda , who also posed with a pillow tied around her waist, which obviously caused a great scandal on social networks.

Through an album on her Instagram account, Geraldine Bazán shared a series of photographs of her with her youngest daughter Miranda, where both can be seen posing with a pillow tied around the waist in the shape of a “dress”.


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Atención Intención Intuición Sin miedo, con agradecimiento.

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Geraldine Bazán performs the #PillowChallenge with her daughter

However, the actress did not expect that this publication would be heavily criticized, since many users pointed to Geraldine Bazán  as an irresponsible mother by exposing her little daughter in that way.

It should be noted that many artists are not even able to show the face of their children as a security measure, so exposing them in this way is quite controversial knowing that there are all kinds of depravity on social media

Internet users explode against Geraldine Bazán

Although the users who praised the beauty of Geraldine and Miranda were not lacking, we cannot deny that the majority criticized the actress for this action that only exposes her daughter to “cyberbullying”.

Among the comments they pointed out that it seems that the actress no longer knows what to do to attract attention, while others took the matter with a little more seriousness: “It is not okay for the little girl to come out like this. Parents must take care of our children. And this photo can be used by some morbid child pornography. This is what this woman exposes her daughter to. ”

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