Game of Thrones: Teaser revealed premiere date of season 8

3 game of thrones finale
3 game of thrones finale

Jon Snow, Arya and Sansa Stark will join forces to take down the King of the night. The ice reached the north.

As it was speculated a few days ago on Twitter, HBO released on Sunday the 13th the first teaser of its star series Game of Thrones. As you know, fiction presents its last season this year; which aims to be the most successful of the production.

The images let us see a short introduction of what will be the six deliveries of cycle 8, in addition to the release date of Game of Thrones via HBO.

The video shows Jon Snow, Sansa Stark and Arya Stark walking through the mausoleum where the bodies of their parents and brother rest, however, in seconds everything becomes dark and fear seizes them.

While Jon Snow enters the room, we can see him walking near a statue of Lyanna Stark, his mother, who tells him “you must protect him”. He is surprised and continues with his walk.

From another point, Sansa Stark enters the scene, and in the same way as Snow, the young woman runs into a figure, this time from her mother, Catelyn Stark. She says: “All the misfortune that has fallen on my family is because I could not love a child without a mother”.

Jon Snow reappears and now manages to spot the grave of Ned Stark; He reminds him that despite everything, he is his son. “You’re a Stark, you will not carry my name but you carry my blood.”

Almost in the last seconds it is read that the eighth season of Game of Throne, inspired by the novels of George R. R. Martin, returns to television on April 14.

Game of Thrones: Bran Stark absent in teaser and theory about his identity resurge
With Jon Snow and the Sansa sisters and Arya Stark as protagonists, the images show the characters traversing the Winterfell Crypt where they find effigies of their own figures and their ancestors, until they are interrupted by the presence of the King of the Night.

While the clip has been well received by fans, no one has been able to go unnoticed the absence of one of the Stark, we talk about Bran. In fanatical social networks indicate that the child of the North would be one of those who lose his life this season, so his departure from the teaser would not be a surprise.

But some followers of Game of Thrones go further in indicate that Bran Stark would be the King of the night itself (Knight King). In fanatical social networks, this theory is supported by the ease that the youth of Winterfell has to travel through time.

In season 7 Bran manages to travel through time to determine the birth of the King of the night; Here he discovers how the Sons of the Forest give him life and the future consequences that his appearance would bring. Bear in mind that the three-eyed Raven previously told Stark: “The past is already written, the ink is dry”, which means “the past is already fixed”.

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