Ten tips to maintain a long-distance relationship

Ten Tips To Maintain A Long-Distance Relationship


Has your partner gone to another country for a season to work or study and you do not know how to cope? Do you think that you will not be able to stand another day without smelling that particular breath when you just got up? Do not worry: follow these tips to make your distance relationship a success.

The main thing for a distance relationship to work is that you are at a distance. If you are close, the relationship may work, but technically it is not considered a distance relationship. It is considered “at a distance” a relationship where the two parties are 78.3 kilometers.

If you want to live outside and your partner does not get jealous, it is very important to go to a country where there is no danger of falling in love with someone else. In other words, Portugal.

he videoconferences must be done standing up, and the image must capture the whole body. That prevents your partner, while chatting with you, can have someone practicing oral sex without you noticing.

It is a good idea to make a surprise visit. However, you should let some time pass. If you plant in Toronto three hours after your partner has arrived, it can produce the opposite effect to the desired one.
Remember that relationships without distance are much more difficult to maintain and much more unsatisfactory.
Put a little passion to the situation and practice cybersex using a mobile of 1000 euros that can withstand bumps, scratches and bodily fluids.

Do things at the same time: through videoconferencing, you can cook at the same time, or iron, go belly up or be unfaithful with other people.

Do not trust if your partner starts talking a lot about Ruben and how much he is helping you when you are not there.
Sincerity is basic for the relationship to work. Never lie to him. If you call him crying at dawn, telling him that if you do not come back, you’re crazy, do it. In this way, trust will remain intact.

Pretend a terrible illness that forces your partner to return. If he does not, he is not the right person.

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