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Freddy Movie Review: The Outstanding Thriller With the Potential To Gross Over 200cr in Theatres!


Freddy Movie Review: ‘Mess with me and I’ll probably leave you alone. Mess with my tortoise and you’ll rue the day you were born.’ That’s it. That’s the movie, people. And it was the best 124 minutes of my whole week! Who knew that Kartik had it in him to successfully emerge out of the comedy genre and deliver such an outstanding, spell-binding performance?

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely ADORE the guy but even I had my doubts about this one. Luckily, all those pesky little doubts evaporated the moment the movie began. And boy, did it begin splendidly!

Our dearest Dr. Freddy (who looks twice as hot in glasses, by the way!) opens the movie with a date. A date from a matrimonial website. And what follows is the most uncomfortable conversation ever between the doctor and the girl which eventually leads to her walking out on him faster than lightning.

Poor guy! My heart went out to him as he messed up one date after another and then became the butt of a cruel joke by the regulars at the Blue Café, his spot of doom. And yet, amidst all this, I was acutely aware of how natural, how at-ease his character made me, as a viewer, feel. Kartik Aaryan immersed into his role as a dentist so well that, at times, it was hard to imagine him as being anyone else than Dr. Freddy Ginwala.

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Freddy: The Perfect Revenge Thriller

freddy movie review

Look, some of it might just be my unapologetic biasedness for Kartik Aaryan (fell in love with the dude the moment I saw him in PKP) but even if you put all that aside, I have to say I haven’t watched anything that comes this close to perfection in this genre.

A thriller with the perfect amount of fun, drama, and crazy? Yeah, no Bollywood movie at least comes close to Freddy in that sense.

And then there is the immaculate balance of aesthetics throughout the movie that adds to its appeal tenfold. Not going to lie, from the moment credits roll till the grave-digging, there isn’t a single minute that my mind wandered away from the plot and the awesome characters that peopled it.

And even though I didn’t much like Alaya’s character in the beginning, mostly because I was unconvinced whether she’d be able to pull it off or not, it all blended in seamlessly as the plot advanced and her character took a darker, manipulative turn. She truly had us convinced about the whole domestic abuse angle, so kudos for that!


Oof. That dark and delicious background tune that keeps hooking you further and further into its web was the final hook for me. There was no going back after that. It played in perfect contrast with Freddy’s internal dialogues, his struggles with his past and not to mention his transition from an awkward dentist into a balanced maniac.

God, the mind games he played! Makes me wonder how Kainaaz Irani could choose that st-t-uttering idiot over him! Women are fools in love and no mistake. All your tough talks Kainaaz and you go ahead and choose the dumbest guy in the whole of Mumbai?!

The hit track ‘Kala Jadu’ did wonder for this movie. And the best part is that the song was actually integrated into the soul of the movie, and not just picked and added mindlessly, as seems to be happening in most of the new releases nowadays.

I could go on and on about this one, believe me. And even though I might get a lot of stares for even saying this, Freddy might even list higher than the Ajay Devgan starrer Drishyam 2 released earlier last month. Sure, it was directed really beautifully. But everything it was, Freddy was simply more of it and no mistake.

Mark my words, if this movie was released in theatres instead of just on OTT platforms, it’d have easily crossed the 200cr mark!

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Written by Rashi Gautam

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