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1899 Season 1 Review – Welcome to the Deadly Voyage from Hell!

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Cue Brunuhville’s ‘Pirate Heart’ because we are ready to lose ourselves in the eerie and every bit as gorgeous Netflix series, 1899. We don’t know how many cinema gods we must have prayed to deliver us something as masterfully created and written as this hauntingly beautiful story! But we are glad all our prayers finally came to fruition. After ‘Dark’ that had a delightful run from 2017 – 2020, Baran Bo Odar is back and it’s looking REAL good!

Yeah, you say we are being dramatic now, but when it comes to the horror-thriller genre, makers either seem to go overboard or don’t experiment at all. So you can imagine our delightful squeals when the perfect cast, camera, and plot came together to turn 1899 into the success it’s become within just a matter of days of its release. Truly a commendable feat. 

And now that the eighth and final episode of the first season has been released on 17 November 2022, it’s time to begin prodding and poking around its plot and dissecting each and every character’s emotional and mental anatomy.

Let’s understand what makes them tick, what is it that makes this story so hauntingly addictive, and why we cannot keep ourselves from dreaming of the second season already.

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1899 Season 1 Plot: Let the mind games begin. 

1899 Season 1 Review

Welcome aboard the ship of your nightmares. Here we have a few angry Germans, those romantic Frenchmen and women, and even a colourful and striking Geisha for your benefit. Take your pick. On the house. Because it won’t matter at all once this treacherous story begins pulling the wool over your eyes until you begin questioning your own sense of reality.

Yes, that is what awaits anyone who dares take this mysterious voyage in the first season of 1899. And we were warned. Oh, we were warned from the very beginning by the trailer itself. Those cool and dark whips of air lapped from the screen and right into our faces as if to discourage us and invite us, both at the same time. 

That is the amount of control 1899 exercises over its viewers. You don’t get any time to breathe. You don’t get a moment to think. All you can do is surrender to the treacherous and merciless seas and the ghosts of the past it brings. 

All our delightful characters onboard are keen to run away. Some from their emotions, some from the tragic circumstances back home – but they all hide something. Something in the deep, dark recesses of their mind and the sea sense that. It calls to them. And by the end, every single one of them will come undone, leaving nothing but chaos in their wake. 

Sounds promising, doesn’t it? It is! And we’ll dive into more fascinating details about the story here but the issue is, we despise spoilers and we TRULY don’t want to spoil your cinematic experience so we have to hold back. 

But this tale of bright hopes and dreams turned to ashes in the course of a few days is one that you simply cannot afford to miss, believe us! This brings us to our next point.

Where to watch 1899 Season 1 online? 

1899 Season 1 Review

You know, this question of yours is quite irritating. Partly because it’s obvious but mostly because you should know all about this already. And then you call yourselves the fans of the cinema? As if! True fans wouldn’t let anything come in the way of themselves and the finer pieces of art that are seldom created in the cinematic world!

But, alright, we’ll help you this time around. You can go ahead and watch 1899 Season 1 on Netflix right now. All the episodes have been released so there’s really not a moment to lose. Go ahead and experience this immersive horror show and once you are done, come back, and we’ll gush about it together. It’s a date!

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Written by Rashi Gautam

A writer by day and reader by night, I am someone who - as soon as she graduated from high school - knew she wanted to write. How? When? where? It did not matter as long as I got to write! And every second of it has been full of learning, adventure, and excitement. I love reading, especially high fantasy, fiction, and thrillers! And when I am not reading or reviewing books on my blog, I try my hand at graphic designing for blog posts, headers, logos. Add a little bit of video editing into the mix and I'm peachy!


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