Gold Malayalam Movie Review: Prepare For Alphonse’s Worst!

Alphonse Puthren’s latest fails to impress. Read on to find out more.

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Gold Malayalam Movie Review: ”They have been at a great feast, and stol’n the scraps.” This seems to be Alphonse’s modus operandi while creating this mammoth of a movie that clocks in a whopping 165 minutes of screen time with almost no viewer satisfaction to show for it. His earlier two movies Neram and Premam did incredibly well at the box office so the director thought why not just get some of the scenes from there, pick some from here and just club them together wishing it’d work just as brilliantly the last time. 

Only, it didn’t. Which couldn’t have come as a shock! I mean, this is a movie with a passing plot at best and a comedy sequence that is as bland as the screenplay is generic. This was so not what the fans expected from Gold, given that the director is coming back after 9 WHOLE YEARS of his last release. You’d think that within almost a decade he must have improved as director, and thought of better and more interesting story-telling techniques but those hopes are a fool’s dream now that we have witnessed what a below-average cinematic product Gold really is.

Gold Malayalam Movie Plot: Loopholes everywhere!

gold malayalam movie review

Gold Malayalam Movie Review: For a movie that takes place within the short span of four days in total, it’s necessary for the plot to be quick yet informative, interesting but not overwhelming. This should have been the first pointer in the director’s mind before shooting the canon but, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Because the plot of Gold is hurried at best and leaves the viewer unbothered. 

As a fan of his other two movies myself, I was amazed at how little I was invested in the characters’ lives. Joshi, or might I call him Danger Joshi (which is a very cringe-worthy nickname, by the way!) struck gold with an unannounced, unexpected consignment that shifts the course of his life for days to come. 

There was quite a lot of potential left undiscovered in Gold. To start with, there were too many parallel plots going on that couldn’t possibly be explored at once. There is the excitement with the mysterious package, then the impending marriage of our main hero here, and then there is the little issue of his stay-at-home and utterly uninteresting mother who only seems to be in the movie just for the sake of it. Which is another point that I found the movie fell flat at.

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Gold Malayalam Movie Cast: Bland Characters led to the movie’s demise.

gold malayalam movie review

The star-cast of Gold seems to shine through on the page but fell to its face on-screen. From Prithviraj Sukumaran as the lead ‘Joshi’ to Baburaj, Lalu Alex, and even Nayanthara, it’s like a buffet out there and yet, there isn’t a single scene in the whole 165 minutes worth of movie that left me satisfied, and fully engaged. 

I liken the characters in this movie to a herd of sheep. There wasn’t any weighted distinction at all because neither of them, except maybe the main character, got enough screen time for their arcs to be fully explored and developed in a satisfactory and engaging manner. All in all, the cast did not impress. And that’s one of the main reasons why the movie was so, well, meh, for the lack of a better word. Because I cannot think of anything else to fully express my disappointment with this one. 

Alphonse, you messed up big time with this one, dude! ESPECIALLY with those close-up shots of the birds and the bees and the butterflies. What is THAT? Just because it worked once before doesn’t mean it’d work again, especially with a plot as loosely knit as this one. I swear, if it was any looser, I’d just call it diarrhea! #notsorry

Well, that was it then. I have done my part in informing you guys what to expect when your giddy hearts set out to watch this movie on the big screen. Better avoided, my dears, better avoided!

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