Eva Langoria Opens Up About Her Experience With Her Directorial Debut ‘Falmin Hot’

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The gorgeous, Desperate Housewives famed Hollywood actress Eva Langoria refuses to succumb to the pressure to “man up” in order to succeed in the industry.
20 years! She’s given 20 years to the television and she can finally boast being a movie director as well.
She’s recently released her feature film directorial debut “Flamin Hot” based on the life of the former Fritolay janitor, Richard Montañaz, who worked night and day to climb up the corporate ladder and claimed the inception of the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.
Eva Longoria's Flamin' Hot Cheetos Movie Reveals Teaser
Obviously, the company has shrugged off the claim and continues to keep that narrative alive. But that little snippet of the story does get you thinkin, doesn’t it? After all, why would a janitor say something so big, so out of his league if there wasn’t some shred of truth to it?
Well, Langoria set out to visualize all these questions in her first film as a movie director.

Eva Langoria’s Struggles As A Director

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The Desperate Housewives star touched on the various reasons she found the whole directing business to be an ordeal.
Acting and directing are two completely different jobs. And shifting from one to the other was no cakewalk, as per the actor. She mentioned how it was “hard to direct after actubg for so long” because she was constantly having “to overcome the hurdle of being strerwotyped as a dumb actor” as she told the SXSW crowd.
The second, and the bigger reason behind her difficulties as a director, was the fact she’s a woman. Yeah, classic, isn’t it?
Eva Langoria was heard quoting,
“The second biggest hurdle was being a woman. There’s a lot of systemic sexism that still exists behind the camera for female directors. People always wonder why there aren’t more female directors. The talent is there, but it’s definitely difficult.”
Oh, that one definitely struck a chord, didn’t it? We feel you, Eva. We do.

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Written by Rashi Gautam

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