‘El Conquistador Del Caribe’ Opens In Bilbao With A Height Test

Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph
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El Conquistador Del Caribe
El Conquistador del Caribe

Adverse weather in the Caribbean is not common, but it does occur occasionally. And that’s why the rain this morning hasn’t stopped any of the supporters or members of the El Conquistador del Caribe team from showing up. The 19th running of the event kicks off in Bilbao tomorrow, but the cars have already been prepping their engines today.
In front of the Concordia station, Julian Iantzi, Patxi Alonso, and Lur Errekondo have taken the stage to sweeten the mouths of the onlookers. The 7-meter climbing test was put in place for no other reason than to prove that “the tests that are done in the Conquis are not a breeze.”


El Conquistador Del Caribe' Se Estrena En Bilbao Con Una Prueba De Altura

“It’s the first course of a fantastic meal. This is because we will be presenting crucial information for the beginning of the journey on tomorrow’s show “said Iantzi to DEIA. After “uncovering a yellow secret,” the new contestants and teams will be revealed. One of the new features is the addition of Lur’s own harrijasotzaile and ex-handball player Errekondo as a presenter. Errekondo previously hosted the show “Naufragoak” on ETB1.

“What matters most in a reality show is that actual events take place. When you relax, disaster strikes. Veteran host leaves airwaves after realising, “Personally, I live it in a really passionate way; we haven’t been for a second this year, so…” “.


El Conquistador Del Caribe' Se Estrena En Bilbao Con Una Prueba De Altura


“It’s the first course of a fantastic meal. Important information about the beginning of the adventure will be revealed on tomorrow’s show “Iantzi elaborated for DEIA.
Lesaka claims to be a “genuine privileged player” in his own mind. His argument stems, in part, from the fact that “I get up every day and my office is dawn,” as he has put it in jest. Julian Iantzi and Lur Errekondo, on the other hand, do something that is “beyond displaying.” Therefore, they make it clear that they frequently back the competitors.
However, the hosts have not been on their own; they have been joined by a number of previous candidates. In preparation for tomorrow’s opening round, 18th edition competitor Sara Gutiérrez wrote the protagonists: “Take advantage of it and live for the moment. It was shocking to see you on TV at first, but now I can’t stop laughing.”


El Conquistador Del Caribe' Se Estrena En Bilbao Con Una Prueba De Altura

Andrea Azkune, the captain and a past contender, has admitted that she is “extremely competitive by nature.” According to her, “many things are cherished from home when watching the worst and greatest moments of each one,” therefore she recommends keeping up with the 19th edition.

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