Eiza González’s twin appears! She is a beauty queen and participated in Miss Universe (PHOTO)

You have to see the incredible resemblance between the actress and the model.

Eiza gonzalez
Eiza gonzalez

Eiza González has a twin, I repeat, the actress of “Baby Driver” has a double! We cannot believe the incredible (and inexplicable) resemblance between the Hollywood star and the model in question, who is a beauty queen and represented her country in Miss Universe 2019. Do you know who is this about? Keep reading so you know everything about the Mexican’s twin.

In recent days, users of social networks found who could be the “sister” of Eiza González, the woman who looks almost the same as the Hollywood actress; As soon as the resemblance between the two was discovered, they began to inquire about who she was and where she had been all this time.

Eiza González has a twin and is Miss India; you have to see the incredible resemblance

Vartika Singh is a beauty queen and the probable “lost sister” of Eiza González  because you only have to look at the images to be impressed with the similarity between the two women. Currently, Vartika is a model and managed to position herself among the last 20 finalists of Miss Universe 2019. If you saw the beauty pageant that year, do you remember Miss India? If not, it’s time to look up everything about her.

Eiza González's twin appears! She is a beauty queen and participated in Miss Universe (PHOTO)

Eliza and Vartika not only look like twins but also share their taste for acting, as the Miss Universe 2019 participant has collaborated on television commercials for different brands and has walked for Indian designers.

Who is Vartika Singh?

Eiza González's twin appears! She is a beauty queen and participated in Miss Universe (PHOTO)

Vartika Singh was born in Lucknow, India is 28 years old, has a degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, and has a master’s degree in public health. Vartika has more than 190 thousand followers on Instagram and describes herself as a daughter, sister, and health professional. But that’s not all, as Ella miss India is actively involved in social initiatives: she founded Pure Humans, an organization that provides accessible healthcare to those in need. She also works as an Ambassador for the Uttar Pradesh State Nutrition Mission.

What do you think? Do you think that Eiza and Vartika do look alike? 

What do you think?

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