Disheveled and without a drop of makeup, África Zavala is not afraid to show her real face

Africa Zavala
Africa Zavala

From her home and just got up, Africa Zavala turned her fans upside down by showing off her real face without a drop of makeup, does she love it or scare her?

Every time she appears on social networks, África Zavala usually arouses her admirers with her spectacular curves and unparalleled beauty, but this time she was seen in a very different way, totally disheveled and with a clean face, just getting out of bed. .


Africa Zavala


The protagonist of ” El Señor de los Cielos “, a successful Telemundo series , left Internet users speechless by appearing with her natural face, without a drop of makeup , showing that she is very confident in her beauty to encourage herself to show herself like this before his fans.

Sitting on the floor of her living room, África Zavala was not afraid to show her real face without the eyelash extensions or the heavy makeup that she endures for hours in front of the cameras, showing off her most natural and intimate side.



Africa Zavalaa


Like any mom on a Sunday morning, the Mexican actress took on the task of sorting out the toys that her little son had left scattered around her house, and still in her pajamas she decided to take a photo of the moment and share it with her more than 2 million of followers on Instagram.


Africa Zavala


This is how it looks with a washed face

Accustomed to seeing her well produced and always perfect with makeup to accentuate her features and highlight her physical attractiveness, the followers of the protagonist of the Mexican soap opera “La jefa del campeon” were surprised by the postcard that she uploaded to their networks.

In the image, África Zavala appears seated wearing a dark shirt with a print on the front and checkered pants in red, green and yellow colors, which made up her warm pajamas for sleeping.


África Zavala desmiente haber plantado a producción de telenovela | People en Español


The actress from “Crown of Tears” also showed her natural face , without makeup and without false eyelashes, revealing that her beauty is so great that she can afford to appear disheveled and without even applying gloss on her lips, because she is perfect .

África Zavala let her fans know that it was a Sunday morning and wished them a nice day, showing that, despite being a high-profile star on television, she is also a woman who takes care of her family and her little one. , snatching sighs with that natural beauty that many would like.




África Zavala enloquece las redes posando con minibikini durante su viaje familiar a la playa - La Opinión


“Cute”, “very beautiful”, “cute”, “you are beautiful”, “what beautiful lips”, “what cool eyes”, “you are very pretty in every way”, “what a cool old woman”, “you are very beautiful” , “You look very beautiful and different”, “I love her”, “pretty little doll”, “beautiful”, were some of the reactions she provoked in networks.

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