A Mexican actress confirmed that she had an affair with Luis Miguel

The beautiful artist made some statements that went viral on the network.

A Mexican actress confirmed that she had an affair with Luis Miguel

Felicia Mercado over the years has become one of the most recognized Mexican actresses in the world; however, her characters have earned the resentment of the public, since she managed to stand out as one of the great villains of telenovelas. After confessing that she no longer wanted to play roles like the typical “blonde girl” who makes life impossible for others in melodramas, the actress once again gave her something to talk about with her statement about her love relationships. she. 

 The 62-year-old actress surprised the entertainment world by revealing that she had a love affair with the Mexican singer, Luis Miguel. Although she is 11 years older than him, she explained that it was a fleeting but intense romance. She also clarified that she never came to light because of the difference in years between them. 

In a recent interview for the Telemundo network’s “La mesa Caliente” program, Mercado denied having had an affair with  Capetillo and Fernández, focusing on Luis Miguel, with whom he assured that he did have a fleeting relationship. “Those were other years and things change. No, it was more of a passing thing. He was small, I’m bigger than him and well I told him: ‘Wow, you’re very small,’ ” the actress explained.

In addition, Fernanda Mercado added that ” The truth is that the younger men never gave me, because the older man always gave me more, but well, he was beautiful and it was a strong time where I was very famous and he was very famous and Well, we met there. It was a nice experience that will remain forever in my heart.” 

Reviewing her career, Fernanda Mercado , in 1987, rose to fame when she replaced the actress Edith González in the telenovela Rosa Salvaje, playing the evil Leonela Villarreal. This soap opera had a lot of controversy due to the fights between her character and of Rosa García, played by Verónica Castro. 

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