Sofía Rivera Torres and Aracely Arámbula dazzle in chikinis, PHOTOS

Sofia Rivera
Sofia Rivera

Aracely Arámbula and Sofía Rivera Torres lit spring with their most colorful chikinis, with which they took their beauty to another level. 

There are women who always look spectacular in any situation and with any outfit, but more so when they go to the beach and show off their curves in chikinis , and to Sofía Rivera Torres and Aracely Arámbula , nobody overshadows them in this regard, confirming that they are all goddesses.


Sofia Rivera


The television hosts took advantage of the warm and sunny days to dazzle with their figures in swimsuits, revealing how good and beautiful they are, delighting the view of their millions of followers on social networks while they tanned their skin.

The prints will mark the trend this season and so they did see Sofía Rivera Torres and Aracely Arámbula with their chikinis, revealing tremendous curves that made more than one fantasize, and here we show you the photos of how they look.


Sofia Rivera spoke about her marriage to Eduardo Videgaray


light up the spring

This season looks set to be one of the hottest in several years, which is why several celebrities have already taken out their best swimsuits to enjoy the sun and days at the beach, as these stars from television.

On their Instagram profiles, both the actress of ” Cabo ” and the protagonist of “La madrastra” shared photos of how they look in tiny two-piece swimsuits, with fun prints that highlighted their curves and left their fans breathless .


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Sofía Rivera Torres, who has just married Eduardo Videgaray in the church, showed everything she has with a two-piece swimsuit in a light blue color and flower drawings, with which she lay on a lounge chair to enjoy the sun.

The host of the program “¡Qué importa!”, from Imagen TV, caused sighs as she posed lying face down and with her semi-raised torso resting on her forearms, which allowed us to admire her frontal charms under the tank top and oval neckline, discreet but very sexy.


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Due to her position, Sofía Rivera Torres revealed her hips and her perfect derriere, wearing a bikini with thin straps that was lost in her rearguard, while she tanned her skin and highlighted her beauty with her hair loose and sunglasses.

Meanwhile, Aracely Arámbula stirred up the networks with a single image in which she showed that at 48 she is as she wants, posing lying in the middle of a lagoon, only floating on the surface with a fine net while exhibiting her dangerous curves in a suit green bathroom


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Lying on her back, with her arms extended upwards holding a hat and her legs semi-flexed, raising her lower back that made a sexy arc, the protagonist of ” The Ways of Love ” drew sighs and showed that she is like good wines and As time goes by, he runs errands.

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