Celia Lora presumes what the money she earns as a model is spent on

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Celia Lora
Celia Lora

 Celia Lora presumes to be one of the most famous and best-paid Mexican models, she also anticipates that she will pose for the bunny magazine in its USA edition.

Celia Lora, daughter of the famous rockers Álex and Chela Lora, reveals in an interview with the Hoy program that she will become the first Mexican to pose for that publication.

Lora, who is 39 years old, points out that she is one of the best-paid Mexican models: “Yes, they got handsome, yes. It’s also been 10 years since I’ve worked for the brand, they already had to get more handsome never”.

About what she will do with the money she receives for said work, Celia says:  “I’m not one to buy things, I’m going to travel, that’s what she spent it on”, she also denies that she has undergone any special treatment to look better in her next job as a model.

Celia also highlights in Hoy that she does not want to become a mother, it is something she decided many years ago and the idea of ​​not having a baby does not make her sleepless: “I really wouldn’t mind that, but my parents also don’t bring that wave, The truth is we are in a world of war, Covid, and it is somewhat complicated.

Celia Lora,  in addition to being a model, has been able to stand out as a YouTuber and businesswoman, since she released her line of bikinis, and indeed, one of her many passions in life is traveling, which is why she has visited many countries on a work plan. and vacations.

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Celia Eloisa Lora García is the full name of the famous woman, she was born on December 25, 1983, in CDMX and has also stood out after making several erotic videos and participating in various television shows, in this way she has stood out in the middle of the Mexican show, regardless of the fame of their parents.


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