Celia Lora shows ‘little buttons’ and Pandora Kaaki is encouraged to drop the bra

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Celia Lora Shows Little Buttons And Pandora Kaaki Is Encouraged To Drop The Bra
Celia Lora shows little buttons and Pandora Kaaki is encouraged to drop the bra

Celia Lora and Pandora Kaaki cause a stir with their splendid beauty. Both have been responsible for shaking their social networks with unforgettable images in which they appear in very striking outfits.

With their peculiar style, the beautiful models impress their followers and make them fall in love more by showing everything they have achieved based on exercise and discipline, they always overflow their charms without fear. They are two of the most beautiful and attractive women in the world of social networks.

This time was no exception and Celia Lora was surprised by showing her little buttons, while the model from the Philippines was encouraged and released her bra , leaving everyone impressed with all her beauties outdoors.

Before these photographs, the reactions were immediate and the Influencers quickly received the affection of their entire audience, who is on the lookout for what they do. They are too creative when it comes to launching their content, that’s why they are spoiled.

With her experience, the rocker’s daughter, Alex Lora, has managed to be the favorite in Mexico. In her past as a model for the bunny magazine, she has become the most sought after, and she has been working for the brand for more than 10 years, which is dedicated to delighting looks.

For her part, Pandora Kaaki never ceases to amaze on social networks where her beauty is the main protagonist, the young lady knows how to impress and conquer hearts. Her more than 6 million followers guarantee her style and personality.


This duel of beauties was applauded by all Internet users who were amazed to see the overflow of charms that both celebrities showed in their photographs, which were filled with hearts and flames of fire, both have an irreverent style with which they move and cause fury.

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