Camille Mina won the heart of Ara Saldívar in My Way is to Love You

Camille Mina
Camille Mina

The actress Camille Mina managed to win the heart of her colleague Ara Saldívar when they shared credits in the successful soap opera ‘Mi Camino es Amarte’

After her starring debut, the child actress Camille Mina won the heart of her colleague Ara Saldívar in the telenovela ” Mi Camino es Amarte “, because in addition to the masterful performance of ‘la chiquitina’, both celebrities dumbbelled as the daughter and the domestic employee of the Beltrán Gallardo family.


Hundreds of images flood social networks with photographs of Camille Mina after her first leading role , but it was Ara Saldívar , who, through her Instagram account, shared a third of photos in which she also posed with Susana González in the locations of the Beltrán Gallardo house.

Things were never easy for Daniela (Susana González) and little Isabella (Camille Mina), throughout history, but it was almost at the end of the TelevisaUnivisión soap opera , that things became even more complicated for them and for Memo Santos ( Gabriel Soto ), for which the actress detailed in her post:


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Ara Saldívar and her Chuchita character

“What a great family ‘Chuchita’ has, let’s hope that everything returns to normal soon and they continue to be just as happy and smiling!! What do you think of @micaminoesamarte? and the last chapters”, always hoping that good will triumph over evil and love will triumph over the hate of villains.

Well, Ara Saldívar came to have a large family not only in fiction but also off the small screen after finishing ” My Way is to Love You “, so she already saw that she was going to miss her colleagues a lot, as well as the fans. of history, who were already predisposing to stop watching them on TV.


Ara Saldivar | Spotify


Some comments read: “We love Chuchita and Daniela together. We are going to put an altar to Chuchita for helping #Daniemo”, “I’m going to miss their characters when the novel ends”, “What a pity that the novel is about to finish novel”, “I’m going to miss you” or “It’s going to end”, among many other messages.


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