CGT halts the act with Alberto Fernández, despite the Government’s insistence that it be held

Alberto Fernandez

The act of the CGT in homage to Juan Domingo Perón, 48 years after his death, with the presence of Alberto Fernández, is suspended at this time. Lack of internal consensus and problems in communication with the Government is part of the reasons why there will be no official activity on Azopardo Street.

From the environment of one of the top leaders of the central they confirmed to PROFILE that the event is not going to take place despite the fact that the Casa Rosada at this time indicates otherwise. Although there is official silence, two versions are relevant: one has to do with the lack of internal consensus generated by the act with the head of state, especially on the part of a sector, the most combative, which calls for forceful measures to control prices, with CGT mobilization included.

In this framework, they consider that a new act with Fernández would not help. The other version reports that there were communication problems between the government and the main workers’ union. On this point, Omar Plaini, general secretary of Canillitas and member of the Board of Directors, stated, before América TV, that the Presidency sent private invitations to leaders but not to the secretariat. “I was struck by the invitation to the presidential ceremony, but the CGT secretariat did not communicate anything to us and I still could not communicate with the general secretaries. Tomorrow I will have more information”, declared the leader.

The CGT already shared activity with the president a short time ago. It was in May, at the UOCRA headquarters in Buenos Aires, where there was a unit photo, since all the tribes that make up the center attended and praised the direction of the Government, and there was even a gesture by Gerardo Martínez that did not go unnoticed: He handed Fernandez a pen, to account for who should make the decisions.

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