Avatar The Way of Water: 3 Small Details That Might Appear In The Sequel

Avatar: The Way of Water had a lot of small details that are sure to have big consequences in the Avatar sequels.


Avatar: The Way of Water had many unresolved plot threads that Avatar 3 would have to pick up on. From what we can see, the Avatar sequels are setting themselves up for greatness. If James Cameron is finished scripting Avatar 4 and 5, as his producer claims, then he clearly understands what he’s doing. What’s more, development on Avatar 3 has already progressed considerably. However, The Way of Water has numerous minor elements that served as precursors to later developments. There’s a chance they weren’t crucial to the story, but they definitely served as important foreshadowing.

All the minor things that came along with this movie definitely set us up for earth-shattering things down the line, but Avatar: The Way of Water mainly concentrated on Jake (Sam Worthington) and his war with Quaritch (Stephen Lang), which we have certainly not seen the end of. Details such as General Ardmore’s (Edie Falco) offhand remark that Earth was dying in the first act.

The quest of Scoresby (Brendan Cowell) for amrita, the golden liquid that flows from the brains of the tulkuns and prevents human beings from ageing. In other words, Spider (Jack Champion) is staring at Kiri intently (Sigourney Weaver). As the Avatar narrative progresses, these and other details should gain importance.

Na’vi and the Sky People

Avatar: The Way of Water': Trailer, Release Date, News

Humans once mined unobtainium for its use as a fuel and an energy conductor, but now they have a different need for materials. In the opening act of The Way of Water, General Ardmore said that Earth was dying. It seems that fuel isn’t the only thing people require these days.

The Earth’s resources have been completely depleted. Sky People are doing more than just extracting the planet’s natural resources in preparation for annexation, it seems. A larger number of humans than we are currently witnessing are almost certainly in store for us in future sequels. It’s possible that Quaritch and General Ardmore are merely the tip of Pandora’s proverbial spear.

There must be a growing need for human settlement on Pandora, or else this conflict wouldn’t be increasing. It is possible that they will transform the globe into a desert if they begin relocating the entire population.

What could be more alluring than the prospect of eternal life on Pandora?

In The Way of Water, we met Scoresby, the captain of a ship searching for amrita while on a tulkun hunting expedition. A tulkun’s brain is mined for its amrita, a yellow liquid that, according to Scoresby, can reverse the ageing process in humans.

Humans would fight each other to the death for amrita if they coveted unobtainium. Even though it was only a side note in The Way of Water, it sets up the central conflict of the sequel trilogy. More and more humans will arrive, intent on breaking the Na’vi’s sacred links with these creatures so that they can live forever in human form.

To pursue such a goal and ensure the survival of their species, it is conceivable that all of Earth’s armies will be called into action.

It’s Kiri from Avatar 3

Avatar: The Way of Water: Kiri's Role in Avatar 3
One of the most intriguing aspects of Avatar: The Way of Water was Kiri, the protagonist. She has extraordinary powers that allowed her to communicate with Eywa and command the planet’s flora and fauna. She is a mysterious figure.

Nobody has ever figured out how she came into the world or how she has such a strong affinity towards Earth. The key thing to consider for the sequels is how Kiri might play a consistently crucial part in the future, rather than the many fan theories that have come out about who might have been Kiri’s father or how Kiri might have been mystically formed. Even Spider has feelings for her, as we witnessed at the opening of The Way of Water.

If we’re being technical, Kiri is already a human-Na’vi hybrid. She was born of a human avatar (Dr. Grace Augustine) and hence has five fingers, but she does not have a biological father. She is symbolic of a peculiar bond between the Na’vi and Earth, and the Na’vi and humans.

Her growing love for Spider raises the possibility that their offspring will be the first of a new species that shares characteristics with both humans and Na’vis. Perhaps she will give birth to an entirely new alien species. Some of them might even share her abilities.

Kiri will be a crucial figure in the plot moving ahead. We got a glimpse of her abilities, but we still have a lot of questions about her. In next films, we will likely be shocked by the breadth of her potential abilities.

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