Winter Love Island Winner Shares Advice For New Contestants

Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph
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In the new year, viewers can expect to see a fresh cast of love-seeking individuals on Winter Love Island. A football player named Finley Tapp and a singer named Paige Turley won the winter 2020 season of the popular reality dating show.

Tapp, reflecting on his time on Love Island, shared some unique thoughts with Digital Spy on what he would tell future contestants. The reality personality warned her fans to “prepare for lack of sleep.” “I didn’t really understand [at first] how exhausting it would be to spend time in there.

Finley Tapp And Paige Turley
“Some of the islanders, including Paige and the original cast, had already been in there for a few days when I arrived on my first day.

Consequently, they were telling me, ‘It’s long nights,’ and I was wondering,

‘What do you mean long nights? Have we not just been lounging at the villa?’

Shooting takes a lot of time during the day.”

Tapp argued that his stay in the villa was a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, despite the fact that he found the long filming days to be difficult. “I didn’t realise how amazing of an experience it was until I left,” he said.

Love Island Series 6, Episode 11 Finn Tapp

“When I was in there, I remember thinking, ‘I need to go out into the real world right now.

Since I’d finally located Paige and accomplished everything that I needed to within, I was starting to count down the days until I could finally go.”

In contrast, “You know, it was so nice and I hope I could do it all over again” was the first thing I said to myself not long after I came out. Tapp offered more guidance for potential competitors, telling them to “live it up” during their time on Love Island.

Don’t take anything for granted is my advise, he added. “Don’t think about the future; just enjoy life as it is right now.” Although ITV2 has not announced it, the new season of Winter Love Island will likely premiere in early 2023.

Maya Jama, who replaces Laura Whitmore as presenter of the popular reality programme, will make her first appearance on the upcoming season premiere of Love Island.

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