Anitta announces that she is preparing her next album, it represents me


The Brazilian singer Anitta announced that she is already preparing a new album that “represents her as an artist”

In a recent interview offered to Billboard News, the Brazilian singer Anitta announced that she is already preparing a new album that “represents her as an artist”, leaving her fans on the edge of their seats.
Anitta - ALDA

It was during a round of questions where the Rio de Janeiro celebrity revealed some details of what can be expected from this new production, revealing that he will incorporate his native culture to proudly show it to the world.


“I’m working on a very cultural album, very Brazilian, but in English and Spanish,” he declared.”


Also, Anitta mentioned having finally found a way to fully show herself through music. “Finally the album that I think really represents me as an artist, I finally have it done. And now I’m just working on the videos, the nice part,” she said.

And to the disappointment of the public, the artist does not have among her plans to do a tour like the one she did last year. “I’m certainly working on new music, not touring. Jesus Christ, I don’t want to tour ever again, but I have new music on the way,” she said with a laugh.


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